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August 30, 2007, 9:40 am
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lucky four leaf clover?  let’s hope so.  i found this a few days ago while walking the puppy.  i’m such a geek that i frequently look for four leaf clovers, but have NEVER found one before.  ever.  until the other night.  i was perhaps irrationally excited about it.  i even called my mom to tell her. 

proof that it might just in fact be lucky?  here’s a little story for you. . .

after i parked my car near my acupuncture clinic on wednesday, i went into my purse to grab my wallet so that i could feed the meter.  no wallet.  gone.  it was 5 minutes until my appointment.  if i didn’t show for the appointment, they would charge me $82, so i decided to risk the parking ticket and go through with the appointment.  i ran in there and asked the receptionist if i could pay when i come back on friday because i didn’t have my wallet.  thankfully this was no problem.  as i was waiting, i was going over and over where it could be.  the last place i had it was when i picked up my puppy from doggy day care the day before.  i called them.  no wallet.  then i was going through all of my steps and remembered putting my wallet ON TOP OF MY CAR while putting puppy in her crate.  i am a GENIUS.  fuck.  i knew it was gone.  then it was time for my appointment, but it was really rather useless because i really wasn’t able to relax.  where’smywallet?where’smywallet? is not exactly a relaxing mantra. 

when i got back to my car, i of course had a parking ticket.  $30.  great.  now acupuncture has cost me $112.

is it too early to blame this on pregnancy brain?  that is assuming that i’m still pregnant though.

anyway, i decided that i had to run home and just check to make sure it wasn’t there even though i knew it wasn’t.  then i drove straight to the doggy day care to walk the alley i drove down that afternoon.  the owner had already done so, but i had to do it myself anyway.  no love.  not surprising really. 

as i was driving to work, i passed a branch of my bank so i decided that i might as well stop and cancel my debit card and my credit card.  that was relatively painless and delightfully they provided me with an interim debit card until my replacement arrives.  i had to then go to work as i had to sit on an interview panel that afternoon.  i was planning on going to the driver’s license place and such afterward.  such. a. pain.

i get to my office and check my messages.  get this.  someone found my freaking wallet.  and phoned me.  and wanted to get it back to me.  his name is tyrone.  i immediately called him and he told me that he found it near a bus stop (BLOCKS from the doggy-day care) and that cars were running over it.  he saw it and thought, “i bet that is someone’s id.”  he told me that he’s lost his before too and know how much it sucks.   longer story short, he left it at a store for me and i went to pick it up after my duty on the interview panel was over.

thank god for tyrone.  really.  i love tyrone.  not only did he do a good thing, he restored my faith in humanity a bit. 

the wallet is a little beat up, and my license and care card are a little bent, but WHO CARES?  it’s not so bad that they need replaced, and i got my wallet back!   thanks to tyrone. 

i just can’t get over it.  really.  how lucky is that?  i don’t even care that i might have canceled my bank stuff unnecessarily, because that’s the easy stuff.  licenses and care cards are the pain in the arse. 

now the question is what to do for tyrone.  what would you do?  i asked him to leave his address, so he left his business card.  would you send him anything or would you just focus on keeping the karma rolling forward, or both?  if you would send him something what?  cash?  i didn’t have any cash in my wallet when i lost it so couldn’t offer him anything on the spot.  Husband thinks that movie passes would be nice.  my mom suggested a gas card, but as he told me that he found it near a bus stop that might not be a good idea.  he was on the road when he called me, but that could be a work truck.  what do you think?

so, feeling lucky but superstitiously fearing that my wallet coming back to me used up all of my good luck.  i need some more luck for next wednesday when i have my u/s….

i’m still on the prometrium and the met.  it’s a little strange to be on medication right now that blares this warning at me every time i see it…




i don’t know that i’m still pregnant, but i do suspect that i am. 
hoping that i am at any rate.  only next wedensday will tell. 
i’m still absolutely exhausted and feel a bit carsick from time to time.  also still hiccuping/burping (SEXY!) quite a bit, but not as much as before.  my lower back hurts a lot when i’m trying to sleep, and i seem to have a stuffy nose a lot of the time.  hopefully all of this only means good things.  i hate the not knowing.

this weekend is the Husband’s birthday.  we’re out for dinner with his family tonight.  then he’s going to be at a scooter rally friday night/saturday day.  we’re out for a fancy dinner on sunday (tell me, can a maybe pregnant lady have a medium rare steak?), then monday is a holiday.  yea!  we’re still trying to plan a trip to europe, but not until november now. 

i’ve been a lousy commenter lately.  i’m still avidly reading, and i can’t honestly say why i’m sucking at the comments.   i hope to be back at it soon.   if i’m not back before then, have a good long weekend everyone!


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That’s so nice that Tyrone gave you back your wallet. Maybe a gift card for a coffee shop would be good. At least I know I would appreciate one of the those!

Comment by Samantha

I have a similar story. I once was going to a job interview and I found a wallet on the way to the interview. When I got to the school, I was early and I asked a secretary in the office if she could look up the person in the white pages and I could call them and drop off the wallet after the interview. When I said the person’s name, the secretary gasps and says, “she’s a student at this school!” I found the wallet miles and miles away from the school. And her mother worked at the school so I walked over to her classroom and gave her this wallet for her daughter. Totally random. I got the job too and worked there for 6 years :-)
I say give the guy movie tickets. That is a great one. Something that lets him celebrate too. AND then also pay it forward :-) What does he do businesswise? Could you drive more business towards him?
Sending so much luck for the scan next week.

Comment by Mel

That does sound very lucky! Tyrone sounds like a nice, upstanding guy. It’s so refreshing to hear a story like that. I’m always feeling like our world has become very negative, so thanks for sharing.
I’m so glad you found your wallet! I agree with the movie ticket idea, you can’t go wrong with that. Oh, and I agree with Mel, paying it forward is the best way to show gratitude.
Take care and good luck with the scan!

Comment by Equipoise

Tyrone rocks! I am glad you got your wallet returned. I don’t know what I would send him, but I think I would send him something for sure.

Comment by My Reality

That’s craziness, who does that? I say that in a good way…
Agree with the rest – pay it forward, and maybe movie tix or a gift cert to a restaurant (there’s some restaurants around here that are not a chain and are owned by the same company, so the cert is good for any of the three which would give him options?).

Comment by chicklet

Wow, what an awesome guy Tyrone is! You’re right, who thought the human race actually still had ppl that would do something like that? How wonderful.
I’d def do something for him, movie tickets, gift card, a thank you card, whatever…and def pay it forward:)
Good luck next wednesday!

Comment by Courtney

Just looking in to see how you’re doing! x

Comment by Drowned Girl

Tyrone gave me a little faith back, too. And I’m so glad you don’t have to go through all of the hassles of calling every possible company in your wallet. Ughh. I’m on board with the gift certificate/movie idea. I’m sure he’d enjoy either.
And good luck Wednesday!

Comment by Kim

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