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August 27, 2007, 4:40 pm
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Rockin_2 hey ladies.  the lovely Samantha nominated me as a Rockin’ Girl Blogger.  i’m honoured.  thanks, Sam!  now to pass the torch to five (only five?  come on!) deserving ladies who rock the blogosphere…

  • Furrow at Seed Dispersal Mechanisms.  not only is she a librarian too, but we’ve some eerie similarities.  if we actually met in real life, i fear the consequences to the universe.
  • Chicklet at Blurb This!  she not only rocks, she’s a local rocker!  i had the pleasure of meeting her in person last week and it was lovely to cross that barrier.
  • Lady in Waiting at Purgatory.  perhaps one of the sweetest, most sensitive bloggers out there.  she really reached out to me during my last miscarriage and i’ll never forget that.
  • Merideth at Someone PLEASE Knock Me Up! Merideth has been through the wringer lately, but has some potentially exciting news coming.  i just know we would have an excellent time having martinis together.
  • Sarah at For the Flavour.  Sarah is a gem and a great support.  She recently passed a big milestone in her pregnancy and will be meeting her baby in no time. 

While that list is full of rockin bloggers, there are of course many more out there.  many of you have already received this award, but if you haven’t and you’re reading this. . . know that i think you rock too.

i’ve been reading a lot, but commenting little.  i’m still here, just holding my breath until september 5th when i have to face the ultrasound again. . .



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You DO rock=)=)

Comment by JJ

Awww, thx! On the rockin blogger and the meet & greet – it was nice to do the in-person thing finally:-)
Good luck with the 5th, I’ll be watching and waiting and hoping for you.

Comment by chicklet

I totally agree – you rock!
Counting down the days until 9/5…

Comment by Kristen

I agree….those are some rockin’ bloggers.
I am so hoping and wishing that Sept 5 is the best day of your year!!!!

Comment by M

Thanks! Now, who to nominate? I think most of the people I read have already been rocked. Hmmm……

Comment by furrow

This is so cool! Thanks for the nomination. Now I have to pick 5 of my favorites to nominate — that may be impossible I like so many.
Thanks Megan.

Comment by Merideth

Oh! I just came over here to thank you for your welcoming comments on my blog and. . .you’re pregnant! How amazing, how exciting! Fingers, toes, hair, eyes, EVERYTHING crossed for you!

Comment by Katie

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