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semi-permanent kegel
August 24, 2007, 3:42 pm
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okay.  i’ve a quick update for you as i really only have about five minutes.

i went to see Dr. Soap this morning.  he had no idea of my current condition, and went on for a while about my test results and about the pathology/karotyping not being back yet.  he told me that it is actually quite "normal" for it to take so long.  enter the ‘hate’ part of my love/hate relationship with Canadian health care.  anyway, he was chatting away and told me that after we get the test results back, Husband and i can start trying again.

ummm, well, see, there’s something i’m here to tell you, Dr. Soap.

he was quite happy and tried to reassure me that there was likely nothing to worry about regarding the karotyping and pathology reports.  he also told me that we would be wise not to get our hopes super high until after an ultrasound, but we are all too well aware of that.  and get this — BEFORE I EVEN HAD TO UTTER THE WORD PROGESTERONE he was writing me a script for prometr1um.   for "preemptive" reasons.  thank you, Dr. soap.  everyone else has just shut me right down when i even mention progesterone.  i was so happy i went straight to the drug store so that i could immediately stick it in me.  i am now in a state of semi-permanent kegel, which is admittedly ridiculous. 

i just hope we’re not starting this too late. 

now, Dr. Soap told me that he would have me STOP taking the metformin.  my other docs have recommended that i stay ON it for the first trimester.  i showed Dr. Soap the study that showed that it helped ladies carry to term and he rightfully pointed out that it was a pilot study of only 19 women, which i then was able to rebut that this was just the beginning of the research and that study has been cited in 102 other papers since it was written in 2002.  it was librarian vs. doctor.  much fun.  he laughed at me and told me i had to stop with all of the researching.  sure.  i’ll get right on that.  but in the meantime, what to do?  met or no met?  i think i’ll stay on it.  what do you think?  Dr. Soap did admit that it wouldn’t impact the pregnancy in a negative way** so . . . i don’t know.  i’m definitely tempted to stay on it.  what would you do?  metformin + prometr1um? 

it sounds so bad, me kind of cobbling together my medical care, but i don’t feel i have much of a choice.  also?  i LOVE Dr. Soap, but i also LOVE the birth program.  it’s good to have Dr. Soap with all of his proactive preemptive-ness…..this makes me feel much better, but if and after i’m good and sure that this pregnancy is a keeper, i’ll be more comfortable with their more laid back ways at the birth program.

also?  in scary news.  i have an ultrasound set up for September 5th, at which point i’ll be roughly 8 weeks.  that’s 12 days away.  i’m a bit terrified because honestly?  i haven’t recovered fully from my last ultrasound in may.  that was a horrible horrible day and one that i can still conjure up in the most vivid detail.  i’m calling in sick on the 5th and staying on the couch until it’s time to go.  there’s no other way.

so, until then (or proven otherwise in the meantime) i suppose i’m a little bit pregnant and happily sticking little pellets up my business twice a day.   i’ve been a bit sensitive lately because i’m nearing the time when my last pregnancy stopped developing. . . even though i didn’t know it until a week after it had already stopped.   

please please please let this one be a keeper. 

a good weekend to you all.  i owe a lot of you a visit. . . i’ll be coming around soon.   


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Sounds like you’ve got a good doctor! Personally, I would stay on Met if I was in your position. I don’t know my gyno’s policy on it, but I’ll probably stay on it if he doesn’t insist that I stop.
Will be thinking of you!

Comment by Chili

I think Canadian docs from what I have seen here in blogland stop met once pregnancy is reached and US docs keep using it until the end of the first trimester.
If it makes you feel better to take it and it isn’t doing any harm, why not?

Comment by My Reality

Hang in there. Glad you got some progesterone sorted – sounds like a big relief to you. Can’t answer you about the met, though.

Comment by Bea

Go Dr. Soap!!! Glad you got the progesterone. I have seen several women taking Met once pregnancy is confirmed. I think you are fine.

Comment by M

I would go for both, Met + Progesterone. And I’m with you on the permanent half-Kegel. But anything to keep these little ones of ours going and growing.
Fingers-crossed for you that the next week+ goes quickly!

Comment by Adrienne

Yay for Dr. Soap. I would take both met and prometrium. I’ll be thinking of you as you get closer to U/S and you know — hoping.

Comment by Merideth

All right for Dr. Soap. He sounds like my kind of guy. I remember being in the “holding your breath” place, but it seems so very long ago. If I’d had access to the medical library like you do, I’d have driven myself and my doctor insane.

Comment by carlarey

Yay for a supportive doctor! I, too, really hope this one’s a keeper for you. I’ll be thinking of you and hoping for the best at the ultrasound.

Comment by ultimatejourney

I agree, I would stay on the met too. I did met + progesterone for my first trimester (I’m 17 weeks now) and I’ll never know if that is what worked. But it made me feel soooo much better to be on it. Go for it.

Comment by Jen

Glad they gave you something, anything – just to ease your mind if nothing else:-)

Comment by chicklet

I know if I become pregnant, I’d be on Met + PIO, so I think you’re good to stick with them. And you did your homework! Doctors seem to have a love/hate relationship with patients taking a proactive part in their treatment. They want you to understand and be involved in making decisions, but then they get a little defensive when you question their plan of action!

Comment by Samantha

There are conflicting opinions on the metformin, and Dr. Soap’s opinion is just as valid as the other. Current studies seem to suggest it probably can’t hurt. I was originally told after my last miscarriage that if I got pregnant again I should take metformin again through my first trimester. But then at almost 8 weeks, the same doctor told me to stop taking the metformin. I kept taking it for a few more days until I saw the perinatologist and asked about it and she basically left it up to me, but said, “If it were me, I wouldn’t take it. There just isn’t ENOUGH known about it right now.”
So I stopped taking it on the theory that I had enough factors going on (what with the triplet factor) that I just needed to simplify matters. I’m not sure what I would have done had I had another singleton pregnancy, but I suspect that might have made a difference for me.
Either way, Hooray for Dr. Soap for preemptive prometrium!

Comment by Karen

Librarian vs. doctor. Love it. I’ll bet they don’t generally think of us as potential pains in their arses.
I have no met advice, but I’m you got the go-ahead for progesterone. Dr. Soap comes through in the end. yay!

Comment by furrow

Stop with the research?! Yeah, right…doesn’t he know who he’s dealing with here?
I’m glad he was proactive with the progesterone. I wish I had more advice with the met. But I have my fingers crossed! I am glad everything is going well so far.

Comment by Kristen

I don’t have any good advice but just do what you feel is right.
Where have I been? I feel I’m always the last to hear the news. I’m so so happy for you and I’m hoping this is for keeps. I’ll be thinking of you on Sept. 5. Good luck. You’re in my prayers.

Comment by Babyblues

Stick with the met and prometrium. Can’t hurt, right? I always love it when patients “outresearch” their doctors. Shows the docs they need to keep on their toes!

Comment by Ann

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