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oh to have the life of a pathologist…..
August 22, 2007, 11:35 am
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first of all, if you happen to be a pathologist, i sincerely apologize for this post.  perhaps you should not read this one.

i imagine that if i were a pathologist in BC i would have one of the most laid-back jobs around.  i could loll around in bed until moved to get up, eat a leisurely brunch, and perhaps get a massage before heading into work.  i would joke and chum around with colleagues for an hour or so at "work," then return home where i could proceed with the most important part of my day. . . . fucking off and doing whatever the fuck i wanted. 

ah, what a life, no?

i also anticpate that i would enjoy the life of someone who is responsible for conducting genetic karotyping, as i imagine it to be equally as leisurely and care-free.

i just got a phone call from Dr. Soap’s office telling me that the pathology report from my d&c MAY 31ST is still "pending."  also "pending?"  our genetic karotyping.  we’re coming up on three months for the pathology report and have just passed the six week mark on the karotyping.  what the fuck, people?  Dr. Soap’s secretary had to track this information down as i dutifully called her yesterday to remind her to do so, being that the appointment on friday was originally set up for the sole purpose of getting those results.  the secretary was told that it will be "at least a couple of weeks" until they’re ready.  HELLO.  you have already had more than ample time to get this done.

i’m so pissed.

anyway, i’m keeping the appointment on friday, but leaving Husband at home.  i want to talk to him about this pregnancy and ask when he would recommend for me to get an ultrasound and also if maybe, just maybe, my progesterone levels should be checked.  if he says no, i will ask why, and then i promise to be satisfied with the answer.  i’ll be approximately 6w2d on Friday, and my last pregnancy stopped developing at 6.5 weeks.  i’m starting to feel a little scared more anxious about this.   


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Good luck on Friday I hope you get the answers you are looking for. Thats freakin’ rediculous that they dont have those results yet – I would be pissed too.

Comment by Meghan

I hope you get some answers on Friday.

Comment by Caro

We’re all pulling for you! I am sorry you have to put up with lazy pathologists and I hope you get results soon!

Comment by Equipoise

For real, though. That sucks. I wonder if the tests are that complex, or if there was a backlog, or if there were just an abundance of summer tee times, like you suspect. In my job, I hate, hate, hate to keep people waiting. I would think that drive would be stronger in the medical field, but apparently not.

Comment by furrow

I’ll bet if someone (cough!Dr. Soap!cough!) called the lab and raised bloody hell, those results would be miraculously located.

Comment by carlarey

Oh. Wow. How amazingly frustrating.
I’ll be thinking of you on Friday.

Comment by May

Sending good thoughts your way!!! Good luck with everything at your appointment. :)

Comment by mj

It’s absolutely ridiculous that your results aren’t in yet.
Good luck on Friday.

Comment by ultimatejourney

I hope this pregnancy keeps on going.

Comment by My Reality

That BLOWS! The pathology report thing, I mean. I hope someone lights a fire under that pathologist’s ass. SOON.
Please don’t be too anxious. I know how scary it all must be but I hope this appointment brings a little bit of peace for you.

Comment by Ms. Planner

Ugh. I can’t believe they’re taking so long! Ridiculous.
Wishing you the best at your appointment on Friday! I can definitely relate to the fear, but hope everything looks fabulous.

Comment by Sticky Bun

That is a ridiculous wait! WTF is taking so damn long?! Ugh, I am so frustrated for you!
I hope Friday goes well. All my fingers are crossed!

Comment by Kristen

I certainly understand about your pathologist semtiments!

Comment by Samantha

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