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August 16, 2007, 11:16 am
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that’s my first beta.  i’m 5w1d today based on my estimated O date. 

i went in for the second draw this morning.   the nurse practitioner at my local clinic assured me that they will call me with the results tomorrow.  my whole body is crossed.  let the pins and needles begin!

can i tell you how frustrating yet simultaneously amazing one of the blood labs near our house is?  we’ve at least two that are close by, but i opted for the one that opened at 7:30am as the days i had to go to the lab were also doggy day care days, and i usually try to get her there before 8am.  alas, you cannot plan on anything when you have to go to the blood lab.  well, that’s not entirely true.  what you can plan on is that there will be a line-up to get into the lab as early as 7:20 (which is when i got there on tuesday).  it’s craziness.  who lines up to get their blood drawn?  apparently old people and crazy ladies who are desperately hoping that they’re sufficiently preggo.  it takes FOREVER to get this done.  you get in, have to take a number, and then wait for everyone’s paperwork to be processed.  this is further complicated by the fact that i live in a neighbourhood with a very high immigrant population.  this is normally something i celebrate about my neighbourhood, but when it’s 7:30 in the morning and i have to sit there waiting while numerous old people take 10 minutes fighting through the language barrier to finally understand that they are to pee in the cup…..and then maybe an additional 5 minutes for the lady driving the paperwork to obtain a postal code from them….perhaps a few more to find out if they’ve had anything to eat or drink in the past 10 hours.  it gets a little frustrating.    then i get to feel like a horrible person for being so frustrated at the old folks and their language barriers.  i can’t win.

so. . . in the meantime i’m still taking the met and i’m heading in for some additional acupuncture treatments and i also have an appointment tonight with the doctor i talked to after my m/c at the birth clinic.  i shall present as the anxious newly preggo lady that i hopefully am and ask them what they will do for me.  this is the same doctor who told me that the next time i found myself in this condition they would offer to more closely monitor me and such, so i’m going to hold them to it.  also?  would someone please check on my progesterone level?   this won’t be fancy fertility clinic type monitoring with multiple scans and that sort of thing….i’m actually a little u/s shy this time around, which isn’t surprising after my experience in may.  i’ll find out tonight what they mean by monitoring me more closely and just go from there.


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Great beta number. Keep us posted on that second one – come one and roll some doubles! ;-)

Comment by Adrienne

Ooo so exciting..Im on pins and needles waiting for the updates=) Yippee!

Comment by JJ

I am loving that beta!!! It rocks for the time frame you are…or even if you Oed a day or two earlier. Not that I doubt you knowing when you Oed….just trying to offer some comfort either way.
By the way I replied to you in the comments of my blog…wasn’t sure where to get back to you at. LOL :D
I hope the doctor makes you feel very cared for tonight.

Comment by M

Very very exciting stuff. Here’s hoping it stays that way and just gets MORE exciting:-)

Comment by chicklet

Sounds great! Can’t wait for the update.

Comment by furrow

Wow – that’s a great number! And push them as much as you have to for close monitoring, especially of your progesterone levels. Use the fact that you have had a m/c all that you can.
My fingers are crossed for you!

Comment by Lady In Waiting

Sorry about the long wait but wow–that’s a fantastic beta.

Comment by Mel

Wow, what a great number! I can’t wait to hear the next one!

Comment by ultimatejourney

Fantastic beta. I hope the second is even better! Any news on your progesterone level?

Comment by My Reality

That is a great number. I’ll be hoping and waiting with you for an amazing number tomorrow. Take care.

Comment by Merideth

That’s such a great number! I’ve got everything crossed for you!

Comment by Sticky Bun

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you…

Comment by coffeegrl

Great number! Fingers crossed!

Comment by Sunny

That’s a great number! I really hope this works out for you!

Comment by Samantha

Hi there. We are at the same spot in our pregnancies. I am the survivor of 2 miscarriages and the mother of one son. I have been through pregnancy after loss and know how terrifying it can be. Please feel free to email me or visit my blog if you want a friend to go through it with. Good luck with your second beta!

Comment by Cate

That is a fantastic beta – congratulations!

Comment by Ms. Planner

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