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things i CAN tell you.
August 13, 2007, 10:36 am
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i don’t know much (other than i’m still turning up positive pee sticks).  however, i can tell you these things:

  • i am a burping machine.  it’s weird.  at any given moment some wacky hiccup/burp combination will come flying out of me.  not quietly either. 
  • i’ve an understated nausea.  not overt at all, just kind of lingering.  it was at its worst on saturday though. 
  • i might kill you if i don’t eat lunch….but your chances of surviving my not having dinner in a timely manner are actually pretty good.
  • i smell skunks.  many skunks.  perhaps they are the skunks in your back yard?  there has been a family spotted near our house, but i don’t have to be at home to smell them.  thankfully the skunks have not come to work with me.
  • my boobs don’t hurt.  at all.  well, i just pushed on my nipples and they might be a little bit tender.  or i was just a little rough with myself.  who can say?
  • i was feeling quite uncharacteristically confident in this pregnancy until yesterday.  now i’m not so confident.  i don’t know why the sudden change.
  • as Sarah suggested to me, in lieu of buying a bridge, i am going to call the birth clinic to request the "extra" monitoring they offered me after my last miscarriage.   however, i am not calling them until tomorrow.
  • i’m not calling them until tomorrow because i have an appointment with my GP this afternoon.  i recently realized that if our genetic karotype test results are in, she will have them.  if they’re in and the result is bad, there will likely be no need to phone the birth clinic will there?  if they’re in and good, i will call.  if they’re not in, i suppose i will call anyway because my next opportunity to learn the results will not come until august 24th.   that is, i think i will call them.  why am i so scared to call?  maybe i should wait until i get some betas? 
  • today i am 4 weeks and 5 days pregnant based on my ovulation date. 
  • today i am 5 weeks and 1 day pregnant based on my last period. 
    • which is more reliable?  i’m thinking ovulation date based on the fact that i have longer cycles (avg. 33 days).
  • my last pregnancy stopped developing at 6.5 weeks.
  • i was constipated but today am the exact opposite of constipated.  that’s all i’m saying about it.
  • my puppy is also the opposite of constipated.   i had to leave her at home alone today with a gurgly tummy and sad eyes.
  • i really need it to be five thirty so i can be talking with my GP’s replacement.  why oh why is she on effing holiday NOW?
  • speaking of five thirty, i have woken up at five thirty in the morning for the past four mornings in a row.  spot on five thirty.  please explain.

so, keep your fingers crossed that our karotype results are back.  and that they’re normal.  i really really want these test results.  i don’t want to have to wait until the 24th.  or longer.  or whatever.  i just fucking want the results. 

also?  i want the confidence that i had in this pregnancy back.  please?


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Still thinking positive thoughts and wishing for the best for you!

Comment by coffeegrl

I hope the results are in and that they are good!
And…um…so with you on the burping thing. It’s all very sexy, really. :-)
hoping for the best!

Comment by Sticky Bun

Crossing my fingers for you on those karotype results. Post an update, okay?
And the confidence comes and goes – as my RE explained to me today, you’ve been traumatized and there’s not much you can do about that.

Comment by Adrienne

I’ll be waiting anxiously for an update. Everything is crossed.

Comment by furrow

Megan! I go away on a business trip and you end up pregnant!!! I am sooo happy for you and am glad that you are speaking to your doc and requesting the extra monitoring. This is fantastic news!
xoxo, Ms. P

Comment by Ms. Planner

I hope everything is good with the karotype and that your confidence returns soon.

Comment by ultimatejourney

I hope the results are good.

Comment by My Reality

so…any news from the appt? all your bullets sound perfectly normal. i agree the confidence and fear will continue to take turns and there’s not much you can do about it.
you’re a reasonable person. you don’t know how this is going to go, but you’re glad you’ve gotten this far and you’re hoping for the best. the more hope you allow, the scarier it gets.
don’t worry about being hopeful though, just try to keep yourself sane. the rest of us will take care of all the hoping for you. :)

Comment by Sarah

I agree…go with the O date. I also have longer cycles (30-35 days) so going by LMP has never been accurate for me.
The burping and nausea can be killer. Yikes! The worst is when the reflux hits and a bit more than air comes up. Completely nasty. I hope you can avoid that!

Comment by Kristen

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