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dr. useless
August 13, 2007, 6:48 pm
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okay, so my GPs holiday replacement is completely useless.  utterly use-free.  dare i say ridiculous?

she obviously didn’t take have the time to even give my chart a sideways glance before i got there. 

"so, you have a positive pregnancy test.  is this good news?"

you’re fucking kidding me, right? 

anyway, no news on the karotyping.  i think i’m just going to try not to think about it. 

i asked her about progesterone.  she told me that if we were to test my progesterone levels now she wouldn’t know how to read the results as they usually test progesterone earlier in the cycle.  i don’t know what to make of this.  for fuck’s sake, i found this in about .2 seconds

so she went on and on as if she were talking to a 21 year old who just had a positive pregnancy test.  want to hear what really made the outing for me? 

she got out the pregnancy due date calculator wheel thingy. 

i laughed.

i told her that my cycles have never been 28 days, but instead average 33.  she couldn’t remember how to calculate that.   

like i said.  waste. of. time. 

i do, however, have requisitions for betas.  i’ll go in tomorrow morning.

thanks for all of your support ladies.  you’re keeping me sane. 


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I can’t believe you had to deal with such a useless doctor. At least you got the beta reqs. Crossing my fingers for a great number.

Comment by My Reality

Wow, that is impressively useless. Like’s she’s actively trying to come across like an idiot.
Hoping for great numbers!

Comment by Sticky Bun

You know your doctor’s worse than useless when you can find out more information via two seconds of Google! You might as well have just stayed in the library and looked up things yourself. I’m sorry!
At least you’ll get a beta test.

Comment by Samantha

Wow, that is almost laughable. Where the hell did she get her degree?
Here’s to some spectacular betas!
And a new doc…

Comment by Kristen

Wow. Did she really graduate from medical school? Well, I guess even the person who graduates last in her class is called “Doctor.”
BTW, the ovulation date is the better date – so go with 4w5d. Otherwise the doctors will freak you out when they tell you that the baby is measuring behind because they’re assuming you have a textbook 28-day cycle (who does, for pity’s sake?). For e.g., based on my LMP I should be 7w6d today, but I’m really 7w2d because I ovulated on CD18, not CD14.

Comment by Adrienne

Good luck with the beta. Here’s hoping that’s more useful than the stupid GP.

Comment by chicklet

how very annoying! does make me feel like maybe those fancy RE fees were worth something though.
adrienne’s totally right about the date, but also don’t be surprised if your doc insists on dating by LMP, they’re just used to doing it that way and sometimes they refuse to listen to those of us who’ve graduated from infertility school with an advanced degree.
good luck tomorrow, hoping for a fantastic beta!!!

Comment by Sarah

Wow….what a moron. I am sorry you have to deal with that. Will the RE’s office do progesterone b/w for you?

Comment by M

sorry, I’m just catching up. over a hundred blogs to read sort of diminishes your capacity to comment. so, first of all…i’m breathlessly hoping alongside you. second, i truly hope you have more useful doctors in the future…what an idiot she was!

Comment by Equipoise

Well at least your going to get betas. I can’t believe she asked if it was good news WTF!
Oh and I hear you on the low level nausea.

Comment by Caro

I was never able to burp until I got pregnant, then I could belch like a beer swilling frat boy. So sexy. And the low level nausea was there as well, never actually threw up, but felt vaguely carsick the whole time. I wore those motion sickness wristbands for ever.
Good luck on the betas!

Comment by carlarey

What a useless GP. It drives me insane when a Dr (or their nurse) doesn’t even read the effing chart before they sit down with you. Poor skills, indeed.
As for progesterone, they CAN test for that at any time in the first trimester and tell if you are low. If you are worried, you can use natural progesterone cream, which you can find at most natural foods stores (extra progesterone doesn’t hurt the embryo but can make you dizzy or mental – sorry). If this deficient GP can’t figure it out, definitely have your regular doc do it as soon as possible. Good luck on the beta!

Comment by Ms. Planner

I could deal with a slobbering, cussing, abusive doctor with chronic halitosis who graduated at the bottom of her class if only she were a good chart reader with a decent grasp of the situation. Why don’t they get how important that is?
Major good mojo to you for your beta tomorrow.

Comment by furrow

Unfortunately, I think your experience is not unusual. Sorry that you had to deal with this clueless person. When you see your real ob / midwife, if I were you, I’d just lie about the date of my last menstrual period– just tell her the date exactly 14 days before you ovulated. That way she can use her little wheely thing and everyone is happy.

Comment by jeanie

You should see the look on their face when your last period was with your previous pregnancy that you miscarried. It really throws them off when you go in and should be 7 or 8 months pregnant but are only 4, they think you are carrying the world’s smallest baby.

Comment by Rachel

Wow, it is shocking that someone who assumably has a medical degree could be so useless. At least she got you the beta reqs. Good luck!

Comment by ultimatejourney

Wow. She’s… Oh never mind, you know what I’m thinking!

Comment by Chili

How on earth do these people make it through med school? Sheesh.
So I’m on pins and needles waiting for an update. Have you heard anything back on your beta yet?

Comment by sharah

Whoa – for this GP the “G” must stand for Godawful. Yes, in the South that IS a word. :)
I’d say check next time before going in that office. If she’s the only one there you can save yourself some time and skip it. :)

Comment by Nearlydawn

Oh my gosh- are you for real? And I thought the nurse at my ob was bad.

Comment by Michelle

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