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if you have a bridge you’re needing to sell, this would be a good time to give me a try
August 10, 2007, 11:06 am
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seriously.  if you spin your need to sell the bridge in such a way that my doing so would in any way help me keep this pregnancy, i’m telling you i would buy it.  acupuncture guy this AM told me that he really wants to see me 2x/week now that i’m supposedly knocked up.  ok, i said.  sure!  what’s $164/week?! this is not really in the budget, but i’m doing it anyway.  also?  acupuncture guy said he wants to see me on some $40 DHA supplement.  ok, i said.  sure!  sign me up. 

it appears that i’m VERY agreeable to anything right now that might even have the slightest chance of making this work.   therefore, if there is anything ridiculous you would like for me to do for you, now is the time to ask. 

also?  acupuncture today was a *much* better experience this week.  my ‘usual’ dude was back, and i really find  him to be much more pleasant.  i said NO to the offered "meditation" and just laid around with LOTS of needles in me (really, this was the most i’ve ever had) and nearly fell asleep.  zzzzz.   i know i need the sleep.  i haven’t been sleeping very soundly the past two nights.  i keep waking up.  annoying. 

i have to admit that i still really don’t get this.  i just don’t.  how is it possible that after nearly two years of trying, i’ve managed to get knocked up TWICE in around the past four months?  it’s nonsensical to me.  i’m of course happy about it, but on a very basic level, i just don’t get it.  what’s changed?  who knows.  i’m not spending too much time asking the universe why at this point.  instead, i’m trying to focus all of my energy into keeping this one.  so, again, if you think it will help me keep this pregnancy if i buy your bridge or learn to weave baskets or eat pickled pigs feet, i’ll do it.  and i hate anything pickled.  not to mention feet. 

have a good weekend, all.  i’ll be peeing in cups.*  and hopefully going for a Bourne fix @ the movies.  and laying about relaxing.  and getting to the market, as i didn’t make it there last week…

*and yes, i did it again this morning.  apparently i’m still preggo.  wacky.  also?  my period is officially late, as today is CD34.  please, please, please stick around this time….


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OMG I am just catching up!!! Wow – how exciting and scary. My fingers are crossed for you??
As to why you can get pregnant now, I think you have summed it up already: perhaps the drugs have taught your body to ovulate on its own, the D$C and the HSG increased your chances. Also, I know other people who got pregnant within a few months of a m/c.
I am holding my breath that this all works out!!!!

Comment by Lady In Waiting

Yay! As for what you can do for me, eat a really delicious meal. Why? First, because anything I would normally call good makes my stomach churn. And second, because you’ve probably got a limited number of good eating weeks until the end of the first trimester. (How’s that for thinking positive?)

Comment by ultimatejourney

You know I’m saying please, please, please along with you!
Stay strong and be very gentle with yourself over the next bit. k?

Comment by Merideth

Do you know what DHEA is suppposed to do once you are pregnant? I am taking it now because it is supposed to help with poor egg quality and poor respose. I would be really curious if you had any info on taking it in pregnancy.

Comment by My Reality

OMG!! Megan, I’m hoping with everything in me right now that THIS is your time!

Comment by Sticky Bun

How’s the stick check going?

Comment by Caro

Congratulations on your BFP! I just saw the good news on Lost & Found.
I am hoping and praying that this is a sticky bean!

Comment by Kristen

oh my gosh, how very exciting! and yes, terrifying! it sounds like you’re taking it all in stride though (as much as possible). i’m just so happy for you! please let this be the one.
here is the wacky thing i want you to do to help you stay pregnant: do the monitoring thing that was offered. these questions for the universe you’re not obsessing over may haunt you later, whether it’s years from now when you’re trying for baby number two or if the worst happens (not to be a downer, but we’ve all been there). point is you might at some point wish you had as much info as possible. i’m sure by now you probably were planning to call anyway, but that’s my bridge spin for you.
and on reality’s comment, i think the DHA the accu guy suggested and the DHEA she’s taking are two different things. my understanding is the DHA supplement (an omega 3 fatty acid) promotes brain development in the fetus. DHEA is a hormone related to estrogen.

Comment by Sarah

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