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darker still
August 9, 2007, 10:51 am
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eek.  apparently there is still enough hCG in my bod to produce two lines on a stick.  or sticks.  i know you can’t measure this by the colour of the lines, but it is somehow reassuring that they get darker every day.  lest you think that i soon be broke what with all of this peeing in cups, rest assured that i have a whole whack of the generic cheapo ones, which makes the peeing in cups sickness all the more acute.  today i was wide awake at 5:30am….what else is there to do at such an hour anyway?  might as well pee in a cup, right?

back to acupuncture tomorrow and i suppose i’ll tell them my news.  i haven’t even told my mom yet, which is HUGE for me.  i have told a few friends though….true to my feelings after my last miscarriage that it’s better to have people in your corner from the very beginning instead of only at the end. 

i’m feeling a bit ruled by food today.  at 9:45 am i simply HAD to go across the way and get myself some yogurt/fruit combo thingy.  i thought that i might die if i didn’t get some food into me.  i was the same yesterday about lunch.  i’m a girl that can typically skip lunch and not even realize it until 4pm.  now i have to eat before 10am after i already had toast for breakfast?  weird.  also?  exhausted.  had to take a nap yesterday on my desk.  no boobal symptoms though.   

so, it’s all feeling quite familiar being that i was pregnant merely 2 months ago or so…which is also probably why i don’t really know what to do with this one…


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FABULOUS!! I find comfort in darker lines too. I hope the hunger keeps striking for you.

Comment by M

I’m familiar with that level of desperation for food.
I’m not sure where you’re at in terms of the c-word or getting betas done, but if you want to take baby steps it might be time for a brand-name pee stick!

Comment by ultimatejourney

Awesome – here’s hoping those lines keep getting darker and darker!

Comment by Adrienne

Hoping tomorrow’s test will be even darker. I am guessing you will take another?

Comment by My Reality

I just wanted to follow up on yesterday’s question with progesterone. I think with medicated cycles, particularly with gonadotropins, your progesterone level can be adversely affected, so that’s why doctor’s prescribe it. With IVF, the egg retrieval also inhibits the formation of a corpus luteum to generate progesterone. I think others have given you good advice to just have your levels checked to see if there’s a problem.
So glad that line’s getting darker!

Comment by Samantha

Very reassuring. Looking forward to good things from you.

Comment by Bea

hmmmm…hmmmmm…chant, chant, chant….hmmmmmm

Comment by carlarey

It’s sounding great, though I understand you’re still in a wait and see mode. I would be the same way. How is the husband feeling about it? Relations any better there?

Comment by furrow

Oh yeah, and definitely tell the acu folks, in case there are things they should avoid stimulating.

Comment by furrow

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