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August 8, 2007, 11:39 am
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my 6am pee in a cup expedition this morning resulted in another faint line.  a smidge darker than yesterday, but still faint.  also?  still there.  CD32, 14DPO.  my period still isn’t "officially" late, but it would also be "normal" if it was here already.  no sign of spotting either.  i take this as a good sign.  also possibly a good sign?  wanting to barf after being deliriously hungry for lunch yesterday.  and right now — also nearly lunch time.  and wanting to barf this morning.  could be psychosomatic though.  or pure nerves. 

was it Serenity who said, "I am pregnant until proven otherwise"?  while our circumstances are quite different, i feel like i can totally identify with that statement today.  i still don’t completely believe it, which is perhaps a logical self-defence mechanism being that i just had a d&c two months ago. 

i still have some kind of strange reluctance to go to my GP — and i just found out that she is on holiday until September.  super.  i’m not reluctant enough to wait until September.  i know from last time that it is pointless to call my RE, because they will just tell me to call my GP.  there is of course a part of me that is ready to go in for repeat betas and get the show on the road, but i’m … scared.  that said, i went ahead and made an appointment for monday @ 5:30pm with my GPs replacement.  just in case.

i also have a question that i feel a little stupid for asking, but i’m going to do it anyway.  i know that a lot of you have been or are on progesterone support in the first trimester.  i understand that this is to support the pregnancy, but what i don’t know is how you knew you needed to be on it.  were there indicative blood tests done before you were pregnant that let you and your doc know that you would have to be on progesterone or was it determined that you would need it after you knew you were pregnant?   

just trying to cover my bases, i suppose.

the birth clinic told me that the next time i got pregnant i could come back to them and they would monitor things a bit more closely if that would make me feel better.  it would in fact make me feel better, but i’m not ready to call them yet.  i’m just not sure i believe it whole-heartedly yet.  i very much want to though.  very much.  please stick around.


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I use prometrium supps because I have low progesterone in my (natural) luteal phase. One good thing about progesterone is that there is no known toxicity level (I know because I researched this), so even if you don’t need it, adding some won’t hurt you. I’m sure any of the docs you mentioned would give you a script if you wanted the extra insurance. I’m glad all is going well so far!

Comment by jeanie

I’m seconding Jeanie. We knew beforehand that I have low progesterone so I take it every cycle. But I also know people who had their progesterone checked after they became pregnant and their doctor put them on the suppositories just to be safe. There is no harm in taking them.

Comment by Mel

I am happy to hear things are still going as they should. Because you are pregnant until proven otherwise (although I am hoping we don’t really need that part!!!).
As for progesterone, since I do medicated cycles all the time it is required….otherwise I am not sure how they decide ladies need it.

Comment by M

Oh Megan — I just checked in and read about the possibility of something good happening (like how I don’t come right out and say “pregnant” — trying to be sly over hear :). Very good news and I’ll be hoping along with you that things go exactly as they should.
As for the progesteron, you can ask for a blood test when you start getting betas and that will indicate your p levels and whether or not you should have support. Or, as the other ladies say, it doesn’t hurt so you might just go ahead and use it.
Take care.

Comment by Merideth

still whispering in the wind. though the volume is up a smidge.

Comment by furrow

Here’s hoping this is it.

Comment by ultimatejourney

Oh oh oh dancing up and down on the spot here, half delighted, half not daring to say the C word or the P word or anything at all, but wishing you a great big dollop of calm and peace and luck and general goodness.

Comment by May

I think it has already been said, if your progesterone levels are low, you will need to be on support. Can you get a beta and progesterone level done to make sure the level is ok?

Comment by My Reality

First, an early YEPPIE!!! I’m rooting for you! My experience was on a non-medicated cycle (except for Metformin which I took until week 12), and at my 1st 2 betas my P levels were “good”, so I didn’t start any. But by the third they had dropped some, and my dr said to take the Prometrium (only 200 mg vaginally each night) until week 9. At that time my levels were still not where they wanted them, so I stayed on one more week. The met & pro worked so far, I’m at 15 weeks now. Good luck. I know it is not always an easy decision to take all these meds…

Comment by Jen

Here’s hoping.
I like the “pregnant until proven otherwise” line.

Comment by Caro

still chanting in my head for you.

Comment by carlarey

I’m really happy for you the line’s still there. Hopefully this will be the one for you, and you’ll get to move on to worrying about bigger and better things than a second line:-)

Comment by chicklet

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