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here we go again (maybe…kind of…sort of?…)
August 7, 2007, 11:24 am
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so this morning, CD31, 13DPO, i decided to POAS.   just for shits and giggles, really.  i mean, everything looked good this cycle…i ovulated all by myself, had the elusive EWCM, etc….but i just wasn’t holding out any hope for this cycle.  i was happy enough to have seemingly ovulated all by my lonesome. 

i was honestly shocked to see a very faint second line.  faint, but not so faint that i had to squint or take it to the window for some natural light.  it’s there.   but it’s SO early.  my period isn’t even late yet.  i’ve an average cycle length of 33 days, and today is only CD31. 

i haven’t even called a doctor for a beta yet.  i just feel like waiting for a bit.  i’ve no symptoms of note.  not even sore boobs, and i do have some AF like cramping.  i feel surprisingly calm this time around though.  almost aloof feeling.  it’s kind of weird. 

so i don’t know.  i may be pregnant.  again.  was it the d&c making everything all shiny and new?  the hysteroscopy opening things up a bit?  just good timing?  who can say?

as we have yet to hear the results of our genetic karotyping, i’m a little worried that if i am actually pregnant that it was a really stupid thing to do, this going and getting knocked up all by ourselves.  what if we are genetically fucked and there is no hope for us to carry a child to term?  our appointment with the OB to get the results isn’t until the 24th.  then we have an appointment with my new RE on the 27th.  i’m no where near cancelling that appointment. 

also?  this is coming off of a horrific weekend with Husband.  terrible, terrible, fighting.  also?  wine drinking.  and on saturday?  lots of wine drinking.   Husband and i are officially on the mend now (and were on the mend pre-positive-pee-stick), but it was a pretty seriously fucked up few days around here.   oh, the timing.  it’s almost hilarious.

so…yeah.  that’s where i’m at.  i’m not panicking.  i’m not really freaking out at all.  i’m surprised as all get out, but strangely content to just hang out and wait and see for a bit before i start running to the doctor.  weird.  i did a little research this morning to decide if i should keep taking the met, and it seems as if i should.  last go-round, my GP told me to stop taking it, but this morning i’ve read that it can actually help prevent disaster.  therefore, i’ll keep on popping it back for now. 

it would be nice if this one would stick around.  .  .  .


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well, a positive pee stick is something. A step, right?
And you gotta do what you need to do… one day at a time.
Congrats. Fingers crossed.

Comment by serenity

holy moly! i won’t say the c word yet, but, just, wow. fingers are very very tightly crossed that this is a sticky!

Comment by carrie

I’ve been lurking for about 3 weeks now and I know very little about your history, but I just wanted to wish you a (cautious) congratulations. It’s nice to hear some good news– I hope all goes well with your beta.

Comment by jeanie

Maybe you’ll get to be part of that rash of BFPs after all!
FWIW, my RE recommends sticking with the met through the first trimester. I questioned him about it since it says on the bottle not to take it if pregnant, but he was quite clear that if I were to get pregnant to continue taking it.

Comment by Samantha

Whoot Whoot~!!!

Comment by Sunny

I’ll hold off on the “C” word until you’re ready to hear it. (But I’m saying it out loud as I type this.) Wishing you the best, because you deserve it.

Comment by Adrienne

Wow great news….

Comment by Meghan

I am happy to read this…I hope and pray it is your sticky one. Lots of ladies I know take met for some time into pregnancy….I would definately ask the RE about that. I will keep my fingers and toes crossed for you.

Comment by M

A second line is a huge step in the right direction. I’m thinking of you and hoping for the best.

Comment by ultimatejourney

Fingers and toes crossed and all that! I wouldn’t worry about the alcohol consumption though one bit – how many women out there have had a few too many prior to realizing that they were pregnant (and went on to carry to term a perfectly healthy bambino)? Too many to count. So, again all things crossed for you . . .

Comment by ali

I hope it sticks around for you too – one step at a time. First item, pee stick, second line, done.

Comment by chicklet

I am hoping this one sticks around for a long time. Long enough for you to kick him or her out 20+ years from now.

Comment by My Reality

holy cow. Nothing like everything emotion under the sun in the span of a few days, no? I’ll stay tuned and I’m hoping things go well…

Comment by coffeegrl

If you didn’t laugh, you would cry at the timing. I’m going to say “hooray” and count on the test results coming back as fine. And you finally getting a happily ever after.

Comment by Mel

If you didn’t laugh, you would cry at the timing. I’m going to say “hooray” and count on the test results coming back as fine. And you finally getting a happily ever after.

Comment by Mel

Hey, a light line is still a second line! YAY!
I hope all comes back good from your genetic testing. I know you guys are going to be worried until then, but hang in there. What will be, will be.

Comment by Nearlydawn

I’m doing my secret, inside my head, good luck chant for you.

Comment by carlarey

I look away for a few days and this happens. I had hoped this would happen this month, with all the perfect signs.
Quiet prayers of continued vitality are dancing on the wind for all of you.

Comment by furrow

That is lovely! As they say … my bits are crossed for you!

Comment by Amy

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