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July 27, 2007, 4:05 pm
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so i had my first ever acupuncture appointment this morning.  much to my surprise, i LOVED it.  i don’t love how much it costs, but i loved the treatment.  also loving that they are not pushy with the herbs, especially given that we are basically going the western medicine route.  the main focus of the acupuncture clinic is infertility and apparently they work in some sort of concert with the fertility clinic.  as a result, they do not mix western meds with TCM herbs.  this made me happy.  they recommended three (3!) supplements that my practitioner wants Husband to be taking, but for me it’s all acu all the time.  well, every friday.  for now. 

the only bad thing is that i was so freaking relaxed during it that i was practically asleep by the time my treatment was over and all i wanted to do was to go home and go to bed.  alas, i had to come straight to work. 

acuman thought that it was encouraging that i ovulated all by my lonesome this month, and was also pleased to hear that i switched doctors at the fertility clinic.  that’s right.  here is another professional practically badmouthing (though remaining professional, mostly) that bitch RE.  i didn’t offer up her name initially, but he asked.  his exact words?  "i can’t believe she’s not done yet."  right?  he composed himself after this and was very professional but still.  awesome.  seriously though, why is she not locked in a closet doing research?

all in all, i’m pleased.  much more pleased than i anticipated.  i think it’s really interesting that the whole clinic focuses on IF issues.  is that more common than i think it is?

have a great weekend, all.  i’ll be checking in with all of you ladies shortly.


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Oooooo….I’m such a coward. I keep wanting to try acupuncture, but I’m terrified of it at the same time. Which is why I really like to read posts like this one, telling me it’s not so bad after all.

Comment by niobe

If you liked acupuncture, you would LOVE acupressure. You get a massage along with stimulation of the right pressure points. Highly recommended.

Comment by Adrienne

you have a great weekend too! hope the relaxed feeling lingers.

Comment by Sarah

You just might even be seeing the same accupuncturist I am – cuz when I told him I switched, and how happy I was to switch, he said something pretty similar about her needing to retire. He said he hadn’t wanted to say anything bad previously as he didn’t want to taint things for me, but was pleased I switched. Yay for you!

Comment by chicklet

If she’s even got a bad reputation among other professionals, you KNOW she’s bad. I’m so glad that you got set up with good RE!

Comment by sharah

I’ve never been brave enough to try acupuncture, but the more I’ve read, the more I think I should, given that people who do it actually find it so relaxing!

Comment by Samantha

Acupuncture sounds… nice. What a thing to be saying about having needles stuck in all over. But still.

Comment by May

How cool! I’d love to try acupuncture. I just need to come up with a reason…. hmmm… just for fun?
I’m bored with my chiropractor and don’t really think he’s helping much lately, anyway. Does acupuncture help with back and neck pain? If only my insurance covered it…

Comment by furrow

I am glad you enjoyed acupuncture. I really loved it in the beginning, but the cost is starting to take a big toll.

Comment by My Reality

I’m so glad acupuncture went well! I’ve been thinking about trying it because so many bloggers swear by it, and it sounds like you had a great experience. (And, interesting that he badmouthed that RE as well! Validating, huh?)
Also, I wanted to thank you so much for all of your well wishes and support. I know what a hard time this is for you, and I am so humbled by your selflessness and I so sincerely appreciate all of your kind words and support. So, many, many thanks.
And, most of all, I’m wishing you all the best and thinking of you. I hope your appt with the new RE goes well.

Comment by Sticky Bun

It’s definitely a bad sign when your RE is widely known for being terrible. I’m so glad you switched!

Comment by ultimatejourney

I used to go to acupuncture for neck and shoulder problems. I loved it. The needles never bothered me one bit.
I am glad that you were able to relax on that table and that you will be going every Friday.
You know what’s funny, doctor’s and other professionals tend to open up when you say something negative about another doctor/professional. They will never start that conversation but they will contribute. I am glad that your experience and decision were validated!

Comment by Lady In Waiting

Glad acupuncture went so well. Constance loved it when she went, until the cost exceeded our results.
Here’s hoping it’s just what the doctor didn’t order.

Comment by Matthew M. F. Miller

I love doing acupuncture! It relaxes me too. And may I just say, I just started before this last cycle. So it did me good. I’ve also read that there are studies that it improves implantation.

Comment by Babyblues

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