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dear body,
July 26, 2007, 11:11 am
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imagine my surprise and glee this morning as you sent my BBT happily over the cover-line.  all by yourself!  and in a timely manner!  after all, today is only CD19…..

as far as i’m concerned, body?  this is a tremendous accomplishment for you.

it’s so strange to have you doing this without being under the influence of cl0miphene.  granted, i know that i’m still forcing you to endure the met but according to my logic, the met impacts our reproductive system in a secondary and indirect way.  therefore, you actually ovulated on your own!  not only that, but you gave me some noticeable EWCM which is strange in and of itself. 

you actually did something right. 
i hate to sound so surprised by this, but really. . . you haven’t exactly been the most cooperative of bodies lately, have you?

honestly?  i’m nearly fucking speechless about it.  and happy.  thank you, body.  thank you for doing something that you’re supposed to do on a regular basis.  thank you for not fucking up this time and for not stringing me along on some endless annovulatory cycle, because that would just feel really really tiresome to me right now.  i’m not saying that i expect you to now perform stellar feats associated with this ovulation….i’m just happy that you got this far.

besides, it’s really nice to be pleased with you for a change. 

so, thank you body. 
i hope to be complimenting you again in the near future.  keep up the good work.

kind regards,


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It’s so nice when Body treats us well, isn’t? Glad to hear that she did it all on her own.

Comment by Adrienne

HURRAY!!! good news comes in threes, right? first the awesome RE, now this, what could be next??? ;)

Comment by Sarah

I bet that was a wonderful feeling…can’t even begin to imagine.
Go Body….keep up the good work.

Comment by M

Go body go! Your body needs to get out there and become a personal trainer for some of the rest of us. Or write a book, “How I Learned to Ovulate on My Own, and You Can Too!”

Comment by Samantha

What a great letter! We get so used to being angry at our bodies for letting us down that we often forget to thank them when they do good things. Glad yours is treating you well.

Comment by Ms. Planner

I am glad your body cooperated so nicely. I hope it continues to play nice.

Comment by My Reality

Congrats! That’s a major accomplishment, to ovulate on your own!

Comment by Ann

The idea of your organs writing a self help book makes me laugh.
You know, praise works on dogs and first graders, maybe it works on ovaries as well.

Comment by carlarey

How exciting! Go, body, go!

Comment by ultimatejourney

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