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bye bye b&*$h RE, bye bye!
July 24, 2007, 6:24 pm
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so after many phone calls yesterday, i’ve officially done it.  i’ve an appointment with the RE that i wanted.  not bitch RE.  not newbie RE.  the RE of my current desires.  i’m SO FREAKING HAPPY about it that it defies logic.  this of course means that i could be in for a big let down should i spend more than 5 minutes with her and not like her either.  if that is the case, i am simply going to suck it up.  i handled the other one for six months, right? 

so yesterday they told me that the RE i wanted was not booking until october.  as you know, i already told them that i would be open to the newbie RE and left a message with her secretary to book an appointment.  after thinking on it, reading your comments, and thinking out loud with a friend, i also phoned the secretary for the RE that i wanted in the first place and left a message there too.  newbie RE’s secretary returned my phone call this morning.  i apologized profusely, but explained that i was going to stick with my instinct and wait for an appointment with the other doc.  she then tried to entice me with an appointment on monday july 30th.  i held my breath for a minute because indeed that was appealing, but i held firm.  kind of.  i asked her if i could make an appointment with both of them and if i decided that i wanted to go ahead with my original plan could i do so?  as expected, she didn’t think that was the greatest idea (and of course she’s right about that).  she asked if she could transfer me to preferred RE’s secretary, but i declined and told her that i had already left a message there (again, apologizing for giving everyone the run around).  she thanked me for telling her and told me that she would bring my chart directly to preferred RE’s secretary and that she would call me later. 

while i was on the referen.ce desk (naturally) my cell phone vibrates with the unknown caller that i know to be the clinic.  i excuse myself to take the call because i had enough of the phone tag.  guess when my appointment  with ms.-i’m-already-booking-into-october is?  AUGUST 27th.  FREAKING PERFECT.  obviously, i couldn’t be happier.  even more perfect is that it corresponds so nicely with my next appointment with Dr. Soap (the OB) who should have my pathology reports back.  that appointment is friday, august 24th. 

i have no idea why i am so elated about all of this.  it just feels so good to know that i don’t have to deal with bitch RE any more and that i actually worked for something that i want in my healthcare.  i know it’s likely that i got in so early because of a cancellation or something but i’m also thinking that it’s because i was so so so so nice to the secretaries on the phone.  :)

also happy because it really would appear that i’m ovulating on my very own (well, me and met only) this month.  it’s a bit confusing because the cheapo OPKs are not showing positives, but the cl.ear blu.es are….plus the mysterious and elusive EWCM…  really?  who can say.  i won’t know until my temp goes up.  if it goes up.  know what?  i don’t even really care so much.  i *think* things are working as they should and that is enough for me right now.  just the slight chance of ovulating without cl0miphene is exciting. 

that plus successfully wrangling my way into a new RE are all i need for today.  i’m looking forward to relaxing a bit now, planning our trip, and enjoying the rest of the summer. 


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Good for you for following your instincts and sticking to your guns. That was no small feat. And being nice nearly ALWAYS benefits you. You should feel really good about yourself and the fact that you will finally be working with a great RE!
Many of the OPKs suck. But, if you are getting a positive with the CB Easy, then you must be ovulating. I have gotten false negatives but I have never heard of false positives!

Comment by Lady In Waiting

Cheers to you my dear, for standing firm on your wishes. I just think it’s fantastic that the timing of something, namely an appt. with your preferred doctor, serendipitously fell into a perfect place in your schedule! I feel like we should celebrate that – as it seems that quite the opposite situation is almost always the norm for those of us dealing with infertility and doctors and schedules and cycles etc. Nine times out of ten the timing of all this shit DOESN’T work in our favor, so kudos to you! Celebrate the small things, I always say!!

Comment by K

I’m glad you got the appointment with the RE of your choice and great timing to boot! It sounds like things have improved a lot for you this week from earlier in the week.

Comment by Samantha

You feel good because you are being proactive. Contgrats! It’s great that you’re taking steps to make yourself feel better. That’s the most important thing.

Comment by Rachel

Way to go….persistence can pay off at times. I hope they are both decent appts and you can get a plan to move forward.

Comment by M

WOOHOO!! congratulations! how nice when something works out for a change.

Comment by Sarah

Wow! The magical appointment correlation sounds like synchronicity to me. Synchronicity rocks! Congratulations on the good flow. You are right to be elated.
Secretaries are the gatekeepers for everything. It always pays to be super nice to them.

Comment by furrow

I’m SO glad you got an appt with the good doctor–and one decidedly before October!

Comment by Sticky Bun

Yea for you! And for your apparently working ovaries!

Comment by carlarey

Thinking of completely switching RE offices..so I came to read about your experience.
Good luck, and best wishes! I hope that with the Met and the EWCM that your new appointment can be canceled!

Comment by Sully

YAY! You got the doc you wanted and a perfect date. It’s so nice to feel like we do have some control and a few positive outcomes once in a while. I’m so happy for you!

Comment by coffeegrl

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