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July 17, 2007, 3:27 pm
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as a liaison/collections librarian, part of my job is to buy books.  being that i’m the health sciences librarian, selecting and purchasing all of the health science titles is part of my job.  i’ve been so busy with other projects lately that this part of my job has been dangling off of the side of my desk.  today i am buying books.  lots of books. 

i’ve always maintained that collection development is a form of censorship in that *I* am the one who decides which tomes can join the collection and which ones are shunned.  the reasons for shunning are vast and varied…not an academic title, lousy publisher, pharmaceutical company sponsored BS, super right wing take on the health care industry** etc. etc.  on the opposite end, those titles that i *do* choose sometimes end up being more reflective of what is going on in my life than what is going on in the research activities of our faculty and grad students.  for example:

Atlas of operative laparoscopy and hysteroscopy / editor, Jacques D0nnez. Inf0rma Healthcare, UK/C R C Pr 1 LLC/Tayl0r & Franc1s Inc. 041538415X. 9780415384155. 3rd. R8-634854.  2007. US. USD314.95

relative to my faculty?  maaaaybe.  do i just see the word hysteroscopy and decide to add it to the collection?  definitely.

one more example and i’ll cease the boring work chat…

Bay.er, Ste.ven R. The B0ston IVF : handb00k of infertility : a practical guide for practitioners who care for infertile couples / Ste.ven R. Ba.yer, M1chael M. Alp.er, Ala.n S. Penz1as. 1842141023. 9781842141021. R8-292502. 2002. US. USD79.95

hey, it falls within my collecting scope, is academic, and. . . well, i want to have a look.  :)

hope your tuesdays are going well.  virtual world tour coming tomorrow.

**know that i do make sure that i have a well-rounded collection.  i don’t dismiss any and all books that i might not agree with…only the super blatant ones. i can’t think of a health sciences example at the moment but sometimes books such as The O’Rei11y Factor sneak into our approval plans.  love him or hate him, such things don’t belong in an academic library.  public library?  (begrudgingly) i have to say yes.  for the record, i wouldn’t buy any al franken books for our collection here either…. :)


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Hey, that second one is by my RE! Isn’t it fun spending other people’s money?

Comment by ultimatejourney

I hope you get to enjoy the books! Well, as much as these types of books can be enjoyed.

Comment by My Reality

Wow – the second one you have there The Boston IVF….thats my RE Dr Bayer…how weird.

Comment by Meghan

Oh, I bet you’re going to get lots of visits by people googling that RE, now. Good thing you said something nice about his book. I don’t do liaison work yet, but I’ll be starting soon. Not sure how much fun I can have with literacy studies, though.

Comment by furrow

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