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eleventy million (& more on soy)
July 10, 2007, 1:40 pm
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how many vials of blood did they take from me at the lab this morning?
that’s right.  ELEVEN.  11! 

i just hope that the poor lab tech got all of the right labels onto all of the right vials with the right coloured caps on them.  sweet louise.  poor thing.  i was looking at some of the instructions that they had to print out for some of the tests (presumably because they aren’t done all that often) and they were quite complex…centrifuge 2x while hopping on one foot and such.  that was the RVVT, and also the one that took FOUR vials alone. 

okay.  i’ll stop complaining. i know lots of you are jamming needles in your stomachs right now and i need not complain about eleven vials of blood at one time….

also, being that AF is being so cooperative, i not only got all of my blood drawn today but also managed to schedule the hysteroscopy.  it’s on july 19th @ 1:30. . . and then i go get my hair done at 4pm.  this answers the anesthesia question quite well, no?  they told me to take some ibuprofen an hour or so beforehand.  i asked the nurse to compare to the after-effects of an HSG and assured me that it wouldn’t be as bad as an HSG and that i will be just fine to go on to my hair appt.  whew.  hair lady is preggo (really though, who isn’t?) and this will be my last appointment pre-baby.  i’m a little panicked about that.  she is the only person in the universe who can cut and colour my hair. 

not much else to report.  puppy had to go back to the vet today because of an upset tummy.  kitty sophie and the fish are the only members of our family who didn’t see some sort of medical professional today….we’re falling right apart here in the crooked brown house!!

also, about the soy. . . i haven’t made any decisions to cut it out of my diet or anything, as i haven’t found anything convincing enough.  i don’t eat a whole lot of processed foods that could have extra soy hidden in there and i don’t drink a lot of soy milk which can apparently be a big part of the problem. 

Drinking just one glass a day of soy milk will give someone the level of plant estrogens that has hurt the thyroids of healthy Japanese men and women. Most people are drinking several glasses, plus the soy protein energy bars and the bags of edamame.
from: How Much Is Too Much?
Clinical nutritionist Kaayla Daniel on the Dos and Don’ts of soy consumption
By Ma.ry Van.ce, Ter.rain
Ut.ne Rea.der July / August 2007 Issue

eek!  spooky stuff.  i know that soy is a huge part of an Asian diet (particularly Japanese) but herein enters the question of evolution/genetics and what your body is set up to handle.  i’m sticking with the choice not to alter my diet because of the fact that my processed food intake is at a minimum, but i will definitely include soy and it’s modifications/variations in my list of things to pay attention to when reading ingredients.  for more, also see this (same article as yesterday), this, and this….that whole Utne is actually fantastic so maybe you should just head to your newsstand instead. 

also, i sound very vegetarian lately, but i’m really not. if i wasn’t married to Husband i might be though.  if i’m doing the cooking (which i usually am these days — and honestly, this is by choice in order to be more controlling about what we eat and its health quotient) you can pretty much count on it being veggie.  i was a very bad vegetarian when i was in my first year of university and pretending to be a hippy.  ask my dad and he’ll tell you i was an resee’s-pieces-etarian.  he’s not so far off.  as a result, my iron levels plummeted and i had to have shots of iron and b12 in my ass once a week….those suckers hurt.  i’ve been a moderate carnivore ever since with a mean craving for a cheeseburger every now and again.  i would be a fantastic vegetarian now though…i love my veggies. 


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Ah, yes – I was drinking a couple of cups of soy milk a day (plus food) in order for it to mess up my cycle. I don’t do that anymore.

Comment by Bea

I love my veggies too, but I do also like to have meat on occasion. I figure it works out to be pretty healthy.

Comment by Samantha

Happy everything is scheduled and going forward as planned (I completely understand about the hairdresser). Sorry about the massive blood loss though. Fingers crossed everything comes back the way it should.

Comment by Merideth

You should be able to go to your appointment afterwards. I went out for drinks. :) I have had 3. Each time it kills during and then afterwards I was just crampy.
YUCK to 11 vials.

Comment by Sunny

I hate how foods are hailed as a miracle product one day and then demonized the next. I hope this whole theory about eating around your genetic history takes off. Seems to make sense.
You probably need some red meat after losing all that blood yesterday. Yeesh!

Comment by furrow

Good luck with all the blood tests and camera pokings.
Soy – I used to drink soya ,ilk all the time – I can’t do dairy as it gives me eczema. I must have drunk SO much soy. I try not to think about it. Nowadays I use goats milk, and only eat the occasional bowl of edamame or a little tempeh or miso soup. That should be OK, shouldn’t it?
My genetic history is so scrambled I think the only thing I can eat is boiled eggs and cucumbers.

Comment by May

11 vials merits some complaining, that’s a lot! i’m just catching up on the last week or so and very happy to hear things are at least moving forward. i hope these tests at least yeild some answers (all goodones, of course).

Comment by Sarah

If given the choice, I would much rather stick my gut with needles than have blood drawn.
I am glad you survived!

Comment by My Reality

That’s a lot of blood. But I guess it is better than having to go back repeatedly. Right? Hmm…that was the only silver lining that I could come up with.
I hope the next procedure is as painless as possible. It sounds like it won’t be too bad. The last thing you need is a painful procedure after all you have been through!!
I am in the same situation with my hair stylist. She is nearly ready to have a baby and I don’t want anyone else cutting and coloring my hair. :-)

Comment by Lady In Waiting

Looks like I need to put some time into researching this soy thing.

Comment by Nicole

It doesn’t matter if they’re taking one vial or 17 seventeen — it hurts just as much. Good luck with the hysteroscopy! I hope you get good news.

Comment by sharah

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