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July 9, 2007, 12:15 pm
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thank goodness.  AF is here.   yesterday she was here in full force.  i even remembered to take my silly temperature this morning and there was something so sickeningly comforting about being able to enter numbers into TCOYF again….

it makes me think that perhaps i should go out drinking have dinner and wine with my friend K. whenever i’m wanting something from my reproductive system.  i was out with K. and some friends back in april and either conceived that night or at least that weekend.  out with K. again on saturday night and then AF showed up pronto.  i wonder how she would feel knowing that she just might be my magic reproductive organ fairy? 

like a good patient, i phoned up the fertility clinic this morning to schedule a hysteroscopy (i cannot pronounce this word to save my life).  now i wait for them to call me back.  i anticipate some confusion on account of changing doctors, but we’ll see.  tomorrow morning, Husband and I are off for the karotype blood draws as well as the other tests Dr. Soap wants run.  this oh-so-conveniently coincides with CD3 so will also have that bloodwork for the clinic done at the same time.  since when is AF so freakin agreeable?

we had a good weekend with long puppy walks…one at Crescent Beach and another just in the hood.  brunch with friends on saturday and much boozing a civilized dinner and wine with K on saturday night.  sunday i laid low a bit because i had mondo cramps.  i made this for dinner and went through the typical sunday evening slog of getting ready for the work week…laundry….shower…so tiresome, these rituals.  tonight i think i’ll make this for dinner after my physio appointment.  i have to break up with my physio though.  i’m tired of it all and don’t think that it’s doing much for my foot.  also, if i’m taking time off work for a doctor’s appointment, i would much rather it be for the babymaking.  my foot can eff off with it’s weird little problem.   

not much else happening.  i’m a bit perturbed that we have to wait until the end of august (or beyond?) for the pathology reports, but it’s out of my control. 

one last thing:  soy.  do you ladies avoid the soy?  eek.  i was enjoying a lovely cabbage and tofu salad for lunch while reading "The Dark Side of Soy" from AlterNet.  crap.  i’ve read bits and pieces about soy possibly being bad for those trying to multiply but i’ve always rather chosen to ignore it as i feel it’s relatively impossible to really avoid it (seemingly confirmed by the article linked above)….and also?  i love it.  i will be very very sad if i have to start cutting out the tofu and eda mame…

okay.  happy monday, all…


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I’m so glad your waiting for AF is over. Now, if only they could hurry up with those pesky pathology reports…

Comment by Ann

Yippee! Welcome, auntie! And as for the soy, I’ve heard that, too, and while we were TTC, I especially tried to get my husband to cut back a bit, but we still ate lots of veggie burgers, etc, so I don’t think it affected us too much.

Comment by furrow

Woohoo! AF! (Sorry, I just had to let that out since it’s such an infrequent thought.)
I don’t eat much cereal, but I ate a serving of Kashi cereal (the really boring one with tons of soy protein and fiber) pretty much every day this cycle and it doesn’t seem to have held me back. I say, let them eat cake! …er, soy!

Comment by ultimatejourney

I meant to say, I don’t eat much soy. Sorry.

Comment by ultimatejourney

If they take soy away from me, I will have nothing left.

Comment by Nicole

I went to a naturopath and she told me to stop eating all unfermented soy. She said it’s high in estrogen, which is not good for my high FSH/estrogen levels. I’ve cut the soy out but damn it’s hard when you’re a veggie and allergic to dairy. At least you can eat tempeh and miso!

Comment by Christine

It is always nice when your period is convenient.
I hope this is just the start of things cooperating for you.

Comment by My Reality

Glad AF came! Who know she could be cooperative?
Not much of a soy eater, so I can’t help you there. Let us know what you decide.

Comment by Samantha

Eating *lots* of soy messed up my cycles (made them 6+ weeks long) but I’m talking *lots*. Daily soy drinks, tofu at every meal lots. Studies show average/incidental amounts of soy don’t affect fertillity.

Comment by Bea

There seems to be so many conflicting opinions on soy! I have soy products at least a few times a week, being a vegetarian, so I really hope that the naysayers are out to lunch on this one!

Comment by Chili

My husband’s family being in Japan, eats plenty of soy products (I’m guessing at least once a day) and both of my sisters-in-law have managed to get pregnant within the last year and haven’t changed their diet. I decided that if it was good enough for them it was good enough for me. So while I gave up the alcohol and limited the potentially mercury-laden fish, I didn’t bother to change my soy intake. I need my edamame, tofu and frozen soy dessert treats!

Comment by coffeegrl

Glad that AF is being agreeable for once. It is about time that you don’t have to worry about her!
Honestly, I am so sick of the fact that one day something is good for you and the next it is not. My sense is that whatever you eat is fine and won’t impact your reproductive chances unless consumed in massive amounts.

Comment by Lady In Waiting

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