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pathologists on holiday
July 7, 2007, 10:37 am
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so my dr. visit yesterday was rather anti-climatic.  nerves on edge and tears for nothing.  the pathology report isn’t even in yet, even though it has been over five weeks since my d&c.  lovely. 

the good thing is that my initial feelings that this doc is just the kind of warm & fuzzy nice doc that i need were confirmed yet again.  i’ll stick with this one.  i’ll call him Dr. Soap because his name is reminiscent of that of a Soap Opera Doctor (really), and he is a handsome gent to boot. 

my ute has apparently returned to normal size and everything it apparently as it should be in there.  while i’m still only spotting it seems as if AF may be coming for a full on visit soon.  in the meantime, Husband and i are to go to the lab on tuesday for blood draws.  they’re doing a karotype work up on the both of us.  i get some extra tests too (naturally):

  • drvvt (lupus anticoagulant)
  • ANA (antinuclear antilipid antibody)
  • anticardiolipin (which i’ve had before and came back fine)
  • TSH (again, this has always been fine)
  • fasting glucose (previously fine as well)

the results will be shared between Dr. Soap, my GP, and the fertility clinic….assuming they are interested.  i told Dr. Soap that i had requested an RE change at the clinic and he asked why.  i told him that while i’m sure my previous RE was very good at what she does, her bedside manner was a bit lacking and at this point in my life i need warm fuzzy nice docs.  he asked who my previous RE was and when i told him, he told me that i was his second patient to as for a switch.  interesting, no?  when i told him who the RE i will eventually be seeing was, he lit up a bit and told me that she actually trained him and when i see her i’m to tell her that he thinks she’s nice too.  cute!  also, reaffirms that i made the right choice by speaking up about my needs even if they felt a bit silly and superfluous at the time. 

when and if AF ever comes for a full on visit, i’m to call the clinic on CD1 and set up the hysteroscopy (QUESTION:  i hear that sometimes you are put under general anesthesia for this.  what is your experience?).  then CD3 i have to go back to the lab for more work that has also been done before (fsh, tsh, edx, Rubella, and prolactin).

JOY!  another appointment with Dr. Soap is scheduled for aug 24th ish.  i’m to call to make sure that the results of all of our tests and the pathology report has come in.  otherwise we wait some more.  i’m getting good at this.  ha!  no i’m not. 

okay, i’m off for brunch and to enjoy an amazingly lovely vancouver day.  thank god it’s finally summer around here.  THIS is why people are still flocking to live here even though housing prices are entirely otherworldly. 


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I’m sorry you didn’t get any information. Hooray for finding good doctors, though — that makes a big difference. Hugs.

Comment by ultimatejourney

I’m sorry you didn’t get anything from the pathologist yet. The doctor situation sounds great, though. And although the tests sound like a drag, it’s good to know you might get more useful info.
Come on, AF!

Comment by furrow

I totally agree about how good it is to have good dr.s with decent bedside manners. My last docs were HORRIBLE (double size capitalization here) and I felt terrible after every visit. Having a good doc just makes such a difficult situation that less difficult. I’m glad you spoke up!!
Quick question: What is TSH? I was told I had to have it this a.m. but didn’t ask what or why?

Comment by Merideth

You’ve inspired me to speak up. I’m usually one to just take what I get (especially from docs) or to sneak away in the dead of night never to return. But clearly you’re feeling good about your decisions so far and you’re not the only one to feel the same way. I’m gessing this is about the only way docs get any real patient feedback. Good for you!

Comment by coffeegrl

I find it ridiculous that the results weren’t in yet. Isn’t it crazy how long processes that are so important to you can take.
But BRAVO on finding a nice OB. AND for speaking up about the RE!!!
I hope AF comes soon….

Comment by Lady In Waiting

I’m so bad – I meant to reply and say hang in there til Friday and I got sidetracked and now it’s Monday… but I’m glad your appointment went smoothly (sorry about the lack of results).
And I’m glad you’re getting checked out for other things – it’ll be nice to cross some stuff off the list. (Or at least know about it so you can treat it.)

Comment by Bea

I hope the pathology results will be in soon.
I am glad you were able to switch doctors. Sometimes, it makes this all that much easier when you are dealing with someone who really listens.

Comment by My Reality

I’m sorry they didn’t have the pathology report yet. Waiting is so sucky. But I am glad the doctors are being nice and fuzzy. Good for fuzziness.
As for hysteroscopy, usually they only put you under a general if they are going to be taking biopsies of the lining while they’re in there. Or if you have a very awkward cervix which objects to letting the scope in. Then they sedate you as it is more painful than usual. The scope is only a few millimetres wide, so in many ways the whole procedure is very similar to an HSG. Unless they do want to do some biopsying, you almost certainly will merely have a local and lots of pain-killers.
(I’ve been researching this – I’m having one on Thursday, only under general because I am also having a lap and a D&C. However, I NEED to know what they’ll be doing in there while I’m out, so I have read about nineteen different official descriptions of the whole thing).
Best of luck with it all.
I’d love to visit Vancouver one day. And nice weather – here in Britain the weather has been unspeakable for over a month.

Comment by May

I concur with May above – I was under for my hysteroscopy because I was having an endometrial biopsy done at the same time. But my doc told me that normally they don’t put you completely out unless they are combining two painful things at once! He said that usually you’re just drugged up enough to be in “twilight sleep”. Good luck!!!

Comment by K

I concur with May above – I was under for my hysteroscopy because I was having an endometrial biopsy done at the same time. But my doc told me that normally they don’t put you completely out unless they are combining two painful things at once! He said that usually you’re just drugged up enough to be in “twilight sleep”. Good luck!!!

Comment by K

I am so glad it went as well as it could be. I know you were dreading it.

Comment by Sunny

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