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cake IS great
June 25, 2007, 2:41 pm
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though crappy cell phone pics are not. . . sorry gang, but a gal has to make do with what she has.  sadly, my cake falls into that category too as i simply ran across campus to a coffee shop and picked up the cake-iest looking thing they had.  it was delicious though.  Happy Blogiversary, Mel!

it was my pleasure to lift my fork to Mel and to all of you other bloggy folks that are helping make this really shitty journey bearable….i really wonder where i would be without all of you.  probably reading all of those IF journal articles that sit in a drawer in my desk!  :)

**oh, and for those who were curious about those articles…i wasn’t researching anything specific.  i’ll let you all know if i happen upon an earth shattering one in that pile.

okay, i need to get back to work now.  besides, i’m in kind of a shitty sad mood that i haven’t been able to shake over the past day or so.  coming down from the distraction/excitement that was my good friend C visiting maybe.  i’ve been thinking about a lot of different things that i still need to wrap my head around a bit more before i can write them out. 

it was lovely to have a sweet in honour of all of you!  here is my gift to you…my favourite cake recipe!  it’s truly devine. 


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That recipe looks great, I may have to try it.

Comment by My Reality

Sweetie, I’m sorry that you can’t shake the mood. I hope it passes soon. The cake looks delicious and the fact that the picture comes from a cell phone only makes it better and more blogorific.

Comment by Mel

Chocolate is so good for the soul. I hope it helped a little.

Comment by furrow

YUM!! that looks insanely chocolatey! and i LOVE blackberries too so thanks for the link!

Comment by Sarah


Comment by Sunny

somehow, if only for a brief moment…chocolate solves everything. sorry you can’t ditch the mood…i hope things get better. cake is a great way to start!

Comment by Equipoise

I always find cake a perfectly acceptable way to deal with a bummed-out mood. I hope you feel a little better soon.
Thanks for the cake recipe. We have heaps of blackberry bushes all over our neighborhood so I’ll be testing this recipe as soon as the berries ripen. Merci!
Kindly, Ms. Planner

Comment by Ms. Planner

I am sorry that you are in a sad place. If you need/want to chat, you are welcome to email me….
I have been keeping you in my thoughts!
P.S. Your dog is SO cute!!

Comment by Lady In Waiting

I’m glad the cake was delicious. I’m a bit cake-phobic about my local cafes, the cakes are so often so very disappointing. *sigh*.
And *hugs* for the sad mood.

Comment by May

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