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June 22, 2007, 2:31 pm
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and what happens when the two meet:



yes kids, those are journal articles (crappy cell phone pic) that i either downloaded on my own or inter-library-loaned for myself over the past week or two.   lip-balm for scale.  two guesses on a common theme for all of them.  don’t guess.  you already know the answer.  argh.  this is a sickness on so many levels.

pictures are excellent distractions, no?  however, it’s much happier to look at my puppy neko’s new haircut vs. a pile of IF journal articles.  omg i worry that i might accidentally eat her one day because she is so freaking cute.  her new haircut makes her my blythe doll puppy.  i heart blythe. 



Husband had to take her to the vet this morning and the poor girl thought she was going to doggy day care because she was a) in the car and b) it smelled like dogs in there.  she was wagging her ass (she doesn’t merely wag her tail, my friends) the whole way through the waiting room….and then….the metal topped table.  enter puppy sadness.  doggy day care = awesome.  vet = eff off mom.  alas, she had to go.  we have a hell of a time keeping her ears clean and they’re all inflamed and icky.  i was cleaning them last night and that only made it worse so she had to head to the doc…she’ll be all better soon though.  i was worried that i injured her while cleaning them last night and am relieved to know that i didn’t.  i’m a real wuss when it comes to things like that.  i had tears in my eyes looking at her last night because i could tell she was uncomfortable and i didn’t know what to do, and worried that i might have caused the discomfort.  when i have a baby i should just set up shop in the hospital.  munchausen’s by proxy here i come.  no, that is what they will suspect, but it will not be because *i* want the attention, but because i am…what do you call someone who is certain that every little thing is life threatening?  that’s beyond hypochondriac, right?  has to be.  sigh. 

my friend C is gone now so things are starting to feel “normal” again, which isn’t terrible, but isn’t necessarily a great thing…  i’ve more time to think now.

thanks again to the person who wrote an Ode for me over at Mel’s place.  you really touched my heart today….i feel honoured.

off to the physio.  as if i don’t have enough doctors, now i have to go see the phsyio for plantar fasciitis.  joy!  at least the farmer’s market is tomorrow, and i don’t have another appointment related to my hoo-haa for another two weeks…


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So, since I’m new I’ll ask, what part of IF are you researching exactly? I’ve done enough research papers to recognize that as a sizeable stack o’ information to digest. :)
I’m very interested to hear!

Comment by Nearlydawn

That is such an adorable dog! I’m glad she’s fine. I think pets and small children are more resilient than people sometimes give them credit for, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Comment by ultimatejourney

Neko is adorable.
I am with nearlydawn – what are you researching? Anything in particular or just everything?

Comment by My Reality

What a PRECIOUS puppy!! I am drooling!! :) Good luck on all the reading!

Comment by Amy

That’s the cutest puppy! Your journal stack looks like my desk at work, the stack never seems to shrink though.

Comment by Caro

love love love your puppy. More pix please.
I’m curious too, whatch’a readin’?

Comment by Merideth

Awww your puppy is seriously the cutest thing I ever saw!

Comment by Equipoise

Awww! Too cute.
Wow, that’s an impressive stack of research. I am sure you will find a lot of questions to ask your doc at your next hoo-ha appt : )

Comment by Ms. Planner

For a moment I thought those were library-related articles. That scared me. If you were trying to get your mind off things by immersing yourself in web 2.0 literature or something, I was going to be seriously worried. IF obsession, I understand.
Most. adorable. dog. ever. Besides mine, who hates going anywhere animal related: vet, groomer, kennel, it doesn’t matter. It’s so sad. He punishes us for days.

Comment by furrow

1) My, that’s an impressive stack of paper.
2) Your doggie is so cute even I, inveterate dog-disliker, think she is just SOOOO cute. Those eyes!
3) Your poor foot (feet?). I hope they feel better very soon indeed.
4) Thinking of you. So don’t think too hard yourself. Thinking is what the Invisible People who live in the Internets are for.

Comment by May

i am a little bit in love with your dog! hope the friend-leaving blahs are over soon. it is so great to have happy distractions, but don’t be too hard on yourself if it is sometimes two steps forward, one step back. in the end it’s all a necessary part of moving forward.

Comment by Sarah

Your dog is adorable and if you took a little nip out of her it would be perfectly understandable! How precious!

Comment by coffeegrl

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