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May 25, 2007, 10:41 am
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that’s the result of my beta drawn on wednesday.  that number gave us some strength.  the meaningful number won’t come until later.  i had my 48 hour repeat draw this morning at 8am.  i went in early in the hopes that the results might hit my doc’s office today.  if not, tomorrow then.  thankfully my doc is the one saddled with saturday duty so we’ll be able to get results by saturday.  hopefully. 

42,066 is well within range, but according to betabase (damn you, internets) it means a doubling time of 98.80 hours.  i simply don’t know what to make of that.

please please be okay.

we went to our concert last night — arcade fire at deer lake park, which is a fantastic natural outdoor amphitheatre.  it was an amazing show.  the crowd was at least 65% obviously preggo ladies, and bolstered by my strong number report, pre doubling calculations, that was okay.

please please go up, beta.  i really need you to cooperate.

thanks again for all of your words of support.  it means the world to us right now. 


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Keep in mind the higher the number gets the longer the doubling time takes….around 10 weeks of pregnancy it can take up to 3 1/2 days…or so I have read.
I hope today’s numbers come in at a good range for you.

Comment by M

I was going to say what M said about doubling times. I know you have to wait until the second one comes in, but that first number sounds totally kickass!
Fingers, toes, and eyes crossed for you.

Comment by Furrow

yeah, as they’ve said above it slows down a lot as time goes on. they weren’t doing betas for me at that point so i don’t have a frame of reference, but i know it doesn’t keep doubling at that high rate for long. hope you get some good news soon!

Comment by Sarah

A number well within range sounds good to me. I would think that the number would be low range at best if that little one was not thriving.
I am going to stay optimistic and continue to hold my breath along with you!!!

Comment by Lady In Waiting

Hopefully that number will let you at least get some sleep if you don’t get your second results until tomorrow morning. Fingers are still crossed!

Comment by Samantha

Hey, sweetie–I’ve been away and just caught up. I’m adding all of my wishes to yours. Hope you get good news tonight. And at the latest, tomorrow. Sending lots of good thoughts and energy your way.

Comment by Mel

Thinking of you. When do you get the results of the next beta?

Comment by ali

I just keep wishing and hoping all the best for you.

Comment by coffeegrl

Sending you strength and love and light.
The doubling time slows the higher your numbers get, so your numbers sound absolutely fine to me.
And I LOVE arcade fire!

Comment by Nikole

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