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May 15, 2007, 9:11 am
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let’s talk about something else, shall we?   no poop talk!  i’ve exactly a week to go before my u/s, so it’s time for a distraction.  a post or so ago i asked you for questions about me.  here are some answers…

the resounding question was how i ended up in Canada.  well, simply put, i moved here for a boy :).   i was just finishing up my masters degree and was the mobile one between Husband and i.  besides, i was living in Columbus, OH at the time so moving to Vancouver was not much of a hardship.  Columbus is great for schooling, but not so much for quality of life.  this then begs the question — how did Husband and i meet if i was in Ohio and he was in Vancouver. . .

i lived in Gifu City, Japan for two years.  i was there "teaching English" as part of a government program.  "teaching English" is in quotes because i was assigned to a very low level academic school where the kids had no interest in learning English.  i couldn’t blame them — they didn’t need to really.  in Japan your fate is essentially sealed by the time you finish jr. high. you’re either university bound or not.  the kids in my school were not.  sad, really.  i would have been screwed in such a system.  anyway, i actually lived outside of Gifu City in a small suburb — essentially the middle of nowhere.  by the end of my second year there i was literally crossing off the days on the calendar with a red pen, but i wouldn’t change a moment of it, and am glad i stayed for a second year.  while there, i met a dear friend of mine (the same who is newly pregnant) who is from Vancouver and did her bachelor’s degree with Husband.  she thought that we would get along really well, so when we both got back to North America, she gave him my e-mail address.  the rest is history.  really.  we e-mailed for a while.  then we talked on the phone….then i made him come out and visit me in Ohio…. and on and on and here i am.  we’ve been married for almost 4 years now.

another question was what was my favourite place i’ve lived….Vancouver is my favourite place so far.  i really love it here.  it’s one of the most beautiful cities i’ve ever seen, and i love that i can kayak, hike, or just walk down the street surrounded by all of this amazing beauty.  it makes the rainy winters worth it.  aside from Vancouver, i would have to say that my other favourite was columbus.  i know i slagged it above, but i met some of the best people in the universe when i lived in columbus.  some of those folks are still my dearest friends….Pittsburgh is also a beautiful city, but i can’t call it a favourite because i only lived there until my 9th birthday when we moved to New Orleans. 

i think that covers all of the questions!  :) 

Coffeegrl at also tagged me for the "i am" meme.  here goes:

i am steel-city born and American-south raised.
i am a daughter, sister, wife, and friend.
i am in love.
i am a worrier, and often anxious to a fault.
i am a knitter.
i am an American ex-pat, and Canadian wanna-be**
i am shy though people rarely believe me when i tell them that. 
i am a loyal friend (as long as you don’t hurt others i love!)
i am. . . sleepy, and not very good at thinking about myself in this way….

if there’s anything else you would like to know about me. . . . ask away!  also, as this has been around for a while, if you haven’t done this already, consider yourself tagged!

**i’m a landed immigrant which is equivalent to a green card in the states.  i can apply for citizenship at any time (apparently without having to give up my US citizenship thus becoming a dual citizen).  i haven’t done it yet though as i don’t trust the current administration not to do something crazy like banning dual citizenship or something.  i really want to become a Canadian citizen as i think it is silly to live somewhere and not be able to vote, but i don’t want to loose my US citizenship either….not that i can get the people in Ohio to actually SEND me a ballot when it’s time to vote in the US but that is another rant entirely. . . .


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The story of how you met your husband is so sweet! It sounds like you were truly meant to be together.

Comment by Ann

I thought your thoughts about Japan were insightful.
Here by way of Dr. John.

Comment by geosmythe

I am Canadian, but I have lived in the US as well. I grew up in the States. I am curious, which side of the border do you prefer?

Comment by My Reality

I have always wanted to visit Japan. I am green with envy. But, I would like to visit Vancouver even more.

Comment by Nicole

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