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i haven’t thrown myself off of a building. . .
May 5, 2007, 11:30 am
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but i *did* go to the roller blading class.  it was fine.  the falling was very controlled even.   roller blading is hard.  does it date me to call it roller blading?  is in-line skating cooler?  :)  anyway, i think it will be okay.  we don’t have class next week, so there’s lots of time to think about future classes. 

more importantly, dr. laid-back just called me in a seeming moment of urgency. 
she got the results of my beta yesterday.

"you’re very pregnant," she says happily.
what was the number, doctor?



this could really be it.

i was so happy to hear that number.  genuinely, honestly, full-on ecstatic for the first time about this.  now i just have to wait until the u/s on may 22nd.  as of right now, i feel that the number 1450 alone might just be enough to give me the strength to wait until then. 

it all feels so strange.  now i have to find the strength to put some faith in my body, which is difficult as i’ve been at odds with it for so long.  i feel like i have to do that though.  i have to move away from the constant doubt and offer myself some hope and joy.  i think i can do it now.  i would say that my optimism is still of the cautious variety, but that disclaimer too is lessening.  i don’t know if it’s wise, if it’s temporary, or what.  i know that this is still very early in the game, but it feels good though to feel like just going with the flow is going to be a) possible and b) the right thing to do.

i think i might have to go and buy a lottery ticket.  i’ve never felt so lucky in my life.


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Yay! Yay! Yay! That is a fantastic number. Very high.

Comment by Mel

Good news with the second beta! And have fun with the rollerblading (that’s what I would call it too).

Comment by Samantha

Now that’s one high beta. Congrats :)

Comment by Vanessa

Cogratulations! That’s fantastic!!! I know what you mean about finding it hard to have confidence in the body that has let you down so many times, but still, that number is cause for celebration.

Comment by Sara

Awesome, awesome, awesome! And I thought MY betas were high!

Comment by Karen

I’m so glad you got some good news to carry you through the wait until the u/s. Now sit back. Relax. Enjoy!

Comment by Ann

OMG, what great news — congrats!!!
Your comment made me totally crack up!
Now you’ll *really* have to watch those hot showers with the honey bears…
That sounds dirty, huh?

Comment by watson

OMG! I go away for a week and look what happens — you’re pregnant. Congratulations. What a wonderful lovely thing to have happen. I’m so happy for you.

Comment by Merideth

and i dropped out after my first roller blading class. i totally didn’t expect it to be so hard. i miss the old out-of-line skates.

Comment by Sarah

Congrats Megan…..that was really quick I hope I am close behind you… :)

Comment by Meghan

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