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rollerblading class?
May 3, 2007, 3:35 pm
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okay.  this is perhaps a really stupid question, but i’m going to ask it anyway.
oh, and if you could respond by 7pm pacific time, that would be great.  that’s three hours behind you east coasters.  okay.  i really don’t expect such a quick response as i’ve already decided about tonight, but . . . well, read on….

Husband and I are signed up for roller blading classes, and the first class is tonight (7:45!).  now, i am FAR from a picture of grace, and am in fact rather accident prone (it runs in the family).  this means that even while we will be in the controlled environment of a rink with much protective gear on, there will still be much falling down.  LOTS of falling down, and it worries me a little bit.

i talked with a nurse at my GPs clinic and she told me that i could practically throw myself off of a building and it wouldn’t *cause* a m/c.  i might die, but i suppose that was beside the point.  is it just me or are my doctors and their associates just plain weird?  why would she pick that analogy? 

anyway, i’m just having a little bit of anxiety about being a little bit knocked up and falling down a lot.  is that silly?

i’ve decided for now that i will go to the first class and if i’m at any point uncomfortable or uneasy, i stop.  if that happens, i drop out of the remaining classes.    does that sound reasonable? 

here’s another thing — i’ve decided NOT to take another kayaking course at the end of may (providing that i am still in my current condition).  this is the "strokes and rescue" course and would involve me throwing myself into the freezing ocean repeatedly only to have to throw my body back onto the kayak and worm my way back in.  over and over again.  what do you think?  reasonable?  or overly cautious?

i think it’s more of a mental health thing than anything else.  we’ve worked so hard and waited so long. . . well, we’re still waiting . . . even if scientifically nothing i do physically (except getting my core temp waaaay up, ingesting toxic substances, etc) will have a negative impact on this (hello, i can’t even say the p word yet), if something does go awry would i then second-guess myself?  damn myself for taking the stupid courses?  i don’t know.  rational or not, maybe i would.

what do you think?   i don’t know what to think.  i’m too busy worrying about my bloodwork and damning the weekend. . . i can’t sleep, even though i’m more tired than i’ve ever been.  don’t get me wrong, i’m also excited.  then i worry about being excited.  i’m swinging back and forth rather dramatically, and the exhaustion is not helping. 

also, crazier than ever over here.  i took a pee-test three mornings in a row.  yesterday i took three tests in one morning!   they’re the pee in a cup kind from the internets and i let my pee sit around for a while before actually testing while i walked the puppy and such and the results were really really really faint.  i did this twice before i caught on.  i tested with a fresher batch and it was darker and i felt better.  i hate going to the washroom.  moments ago, i was worried because my breasts don’t seem quite as sore as they did yesterday. 


maybe if i’m feeling this neurotic i shouldn’t take the rollerblading class….what would you do?


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Bearing in mind that I’ve never made it to the “p” word yet (14 months and counting) I’d likely wimp out on anything that scared me or caused me the least bit of anxiety. Maybe things will change as you feel more comfortable with the situation (still keeping my fingers crossed for you!). Since it’s your body you’ll be flinging on the ground via rollerblades or into cold water, I don’t think it hurts to do what feels right…. Just my opinion and whatever you decide will surely be the right choice.

Comment by coffeegrljp

I think your concern sounds perfectly normal. I’d probably go anyway. But, that’s just me, and you should do only what you feel comfortable doing. Good luck and have fun if you do go though!

Comment by Nicole

I’m curious to see what you ended up deciding. Since I’m in a very very similar situation as you are right now, I think I would probably not go. First, I’m so tired at night, the thought of rollerblading makes me yawn even more. Although, it would probably wake you up and exercise in general is GREAT for you and the grain of rice (what i’m calling it right now) and so it might actually be great. No real answers here, though I completely and totally understand your ambivalence.

Comment by carrie

Well, physically speaking, my sister-in-law was told she could continue skiing up until the 3rd trimester.
Psychologically speaking, however, if you feel the least bit uncomfortable, you probably shouldn’t go. You don’t want to mentally torture yourself even more than you already are. :)

Comment by Ann

I too am curious as to what you decided…
Your nurse is right – there isn’t much that you can do to dislodge a healthy pregnancy at this point, infertility neuroses aside.
Course, I’d be worried too, if it were me. Only because I’d feel like that it would be my fault if something DID happen, ya know?
So yeah. I’d be interested in what you decided. :)

Comment by serenity

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