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first beta in . . .
May 2, 2007, 5:57 pm
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this was from the bloodwork taken April 30th.  i go back to the lab tomorrow….and will likely have to wait until Monday for the results….:(  how cruel!

i’m trying to breathe.

i want to thank all of you for the support — you’re all so wonderful.  it means a lot to me.

i also got notice of my ultrasound appt — may 22nd…that’s only like a bazillion weeks away!


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Looking good!!! You must feel a little better, now on to the next wait, right?! We’ll be waiting with you!

Comment by Samantha

Woo hoo – looks great! Hopefully they won’t make you wait all the way till Monday to find out the second beta! How are you feeling??

Comment by carrie

Sounds great! I am absolutely thrilled for you!

Comment by Nicole

Why do test results/ lab work always have to wait until the weekend is over? Do the elves come in and do labwork on weekends?! Sounds good though- keeping my fingers crossed!

Comment by coffeegrljp

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