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April 13, 2007, 4:03 pm
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hi all — we’re back.  well, we’ve been back since monday evening, but no time to post until now.  tofino was amazing.  it was wet, windy, and full of many surfers — just like it always is.  i left my thermometer safely in a backpack and didn’t care what my temperature was all weekend.  we slept, ate, walked on the beach, watched movies, played guitar (husband), and knit (me).  it was glorious. 

by tuesday it was definitely clear that the mini-holiday was over.  our puppy neko had her girly bits removed (poor baby is now a cone-head puppy) and i got to look at mine on the ultrasound screen.  this was my first true encounter with the dildo cam, and i have to say that i found it very exciting to be able to see all of my bits on screen like that.  the doc doing the scan (not my RE) compared my ovaries to chocolate chip cookies as she was showing me all of the follicles in there.  she told me that my ovaries look good and "young" and that if we do end up having to go the IVF route i have "great" ovaries for that.  this made me feel really, really good — and relieved.  i was kind of expecting to see little raisins on the screen and sighs of disappointment from the doc doing the scan.  i had 12-19 follicles in each ovary, and while i know this doesn’t mean that they are necessarily *good* follicles, they’re representing in good numbers and for now that is pleasing me.  other good news is that the months of clomiphene have not done anything detrimental to my lining.  this also made me happy.

unfortunately the rest of my visit with my RE didn’t please me.  she was a bit rushed with me.  i discovered that they book in 15 minute increments unless "otherwise specified" — so, say you had questions you wanted to ask her instead of simply showing up, reviewing your BBT chart, pocketing your Sero.phene prescription, and heading out the door, you would need to specify that you need a longer appointment.  i think perhaps they should consider TELLING people such useful bits of information instead of assuming they share a working knowledge of the appointment making process with the receptionist.  she was also seemingly questioning why i was there in the first place when she really only wants to see me at the end of my cycle.  i explained to her that knew that in most cases she only wants to see me at the end of my cycle but that the appointment was made because she was out of town for all of march, and i assumed she had been consulted before the appointment was made.  apparently she wasn’t, but that is not my problem and i told her so.  she then told me that she wanted to take advantage of my being there and would send me down for an ultrasound but that a different doctor would do the it because we were not scheduled for one.  this made me a bit happier with her, as i anticipated being scanned or at least examined during this visit.  i told her that i thought maybe the appointment was made for that time in my cycle because she maybe wanted to scan/examine me to check my lining because hello — i’m on my sixth cycle of clomi.phene and no one has *ever* checked my freaking lining.  she informed me that a scan would usually be a separate appointment, and no, that was not the reason this appointment was made.  again, not my problem, nor my responsibility to know all of the ins and outs of how and why appointments are made.  argh.  to be fair, she was never rude, just a bit… rushed, which still ticks me off a bit.  regardless, she sent me off with the usual script for sero.phene just in case and my chart down to where they do the ultrasounds and such.   

naturally, i had to take advantage of being in possession of my chart and spent a few stolen moments with it in the washroom.  i discovered that she is corresponding with the OB that really turned me off last year.  i would *much* rather that she be communicating with my GP.  i just don’t plan on ever having a relationship with that OB as i really can’t stand the way her office is run (this is the OB whose staff asks when she wanted to see you vs when you would like to make an appointment), but really like my GP and would prefer that she be the one kept in the loop.   not so sure what to do about that.  my referral to this clinic was from both my GP and this OB, but the OBs went through first.  i’m assuming that is why they are corresponding with the OB instead of my GP.  *sigh*  i can’t even think about it anymore really.  i’ll just be happy that my ovaries look damn fine on the big screen.  hopefully they’re good for more than that too.

so that’s that.  we’ll try the clomiph.ene for two more cycles after this current one (which is nearing critical status as i JUST had a positive OPK) and after that we’re off to the ICSI/IVF races. 

that’s kind of scary.   mostly on a financial level.  Husband didn’t realize how much that would cost until i showed him the pamphlets my RE gave me during my visit (i was asking questions even though it wasn’t question-time).  his first question:  "do they have a payment plan?"

have a good weekend all.  i’m off for an appointment with the best hair-lady in the universe.  must gird my loins a bit though as she’s preggo and knows we’ve been trying.  and trying.  and trying and trying. . .


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One of the things that makes me crazy about this whole IF thing (and there are lots of things!) is the doctors who forget that we’re the client and they’re the vendor. They need to treat us like a precious resource, not something to be rushed through. I hope your next experience is better than this one was!

Comment by Adrienne

glad tofino and the whole getaway was sooo great!
it’s so krappy when the system doesn’t end up working for those who it’s there for, eh? good for you for making sure you got at least some of your questions answered!
i hear you abt the financial burden of ivf…and most clinics do have a payment plan…we extended our line of credit…good luck with all of it and here’ s hoping you won’t need it!

Comment by shlomit

I’m glad your ovaries and your lining are in good shape, but I’m sorry about the run-around the RE’s office gave you. Grr! I wish that doctor’s offices could be a bit more considerate. I have certainly had the experience of not getting the information I wanted because I didn’t know to ask the right questions! It’s like they expect us to be clairvoyent or something.

Comment by Samantha

Thanks for your kind words Megan. I’m sorry you’re dealing with IF too, and that you’ve had such frustrating experiences with your medical care.
On a completely unrelated note, I’m a bit of a knitter myself, although judging by your other blog you’re much more advanced than I am :)

Comment by ultimatejourney

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