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hope — managed. for today.
April 2, 2007, 3:37 pm
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AF has come and gone, and i’m feeling much better than i was when i wrote my last post.  i got a little teary on saturday at the drug store picking up my current round of sero.phene, but otherwise. . . i’m feeling good.  my temperature is where it is supposed to be.  i’ve been sleeping.  really — those two things alone are good enough for me right now.  adding in the glorious sunny weekend we just had after weeks upon weeks of rain. . . i’m feeling good — the pics of my co-worker’s new baby that went out over the email today didn’t even made me weepy.  at all.  while tommorrow might be a different story, for today, i’ll take it!

however, i’m trying not to feel ‘do or die’ about this new cycle.  in the comments on my last post, Samantha mentioned something that i knew about, but was trying to ignore.  six months of clomip.ene is typically the maximum that docs recommend.  this will be my sixth, but only my fourth with my RE.  i know she has my chart, and SHOULD know, but it’s worth checking in about.  i was trying to ignore it because if she does decide that this cycle should be my last on clomi.phene. . . that would be a little scary and a little bit of a relief.  am i ready to hand my uterus over to science?  do i have a choice?  *sigh*  regardless, thanks again Samantha for mentioning it.  i know it’s not something that i should continue to ignore.  i must admit, if my RE feels that it’s an "acceptable risk" for me to give it a go for two more months, i’ll go for it.  is that bad? 

i’ve already written this on my ever-expanding list of questions to ask her on april 10th when i see her.  oh, and i’m going to ask her to go over my whole chart with me.  again.  blood test results, Husband’s SA, my HSG, all of it.  RE —  if you’re listening — get ready for a very inquisitive patient next week.

that little bit of panic that is building in me aside, i’m feeling good about things right now.  in some ways, the beginning of a cycle is good in this respect.  hated though she is, AF has always managed to give me a "first day of school" kind of feeling.  okay.  here we go.  we start anew.   happy, shiny, (hopefully!) uterus, sadness of last cycle mostly gone or adequately repressed. . . 

okay.  i’m off to drive myself crazy by digging around in med.line for clom.iphene articles.  if you thought Dr. Google was bad, try being a health sciences librarian at a university with WAY too much information far too close at hand! :)


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oh no don’t read that stuff if you can at all stand it! at least you have access to the “good stuff” but still there is such a thing as knowing too much!
glad you’re feeling better. good luck this cycle.

Comment by Sarah

I’m glad you’re starting to feel better and will be hoping for a better outcome.
I’m certainly no doctor, so I would just see what she says regarding the clomid. I only did three cycles and the last one was at a ridiculously high dose, but it still never did anything for me. Maybe that ends up being the equivalent of more cycles at a lower dose.

Comment by Samantha

My RE had told me the six-cycle clomid limit had more to do with the probability of it working than anything else. He said, basically, that if you’re going to get pregnant with clomid, it will happen within six months. If it doesn’t, then it’s time to move on to other options.

Comment by sharah

Thinking of you my friend. Glad you are feeling a bit better.

Comment by Nicole

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